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Points to Note
1. The house rules shall apply to the Olympic Live Sites in Victoria Park and Sha Tin Park.
2. Participants shall follow the rules and regulations set by the organizer and produce valid admission tickets when entering into the venues.
3. For smooth operation of the event, participants shall go through a security check before entering into the venues.

For public order and safety of the venues, participants are prohibited from bringing any of the following items into the venues without authorization:

  • Any drinks and food, glassware or fragile articles which may pose a danger;
  • Any banners, propaganda, leaflets, publicity materials and displays, the contents of which are commercial, discriminatory, or political; and
  • Any kind of article, object or substance which can be used as a weapon or which may be harmful and offensive

Participants inside the venues shall not :

  • Wear or use any flags, banners, clothing, accessories with any form of unauthorized publicity, commercial, religious or political propaganda;
  • Deliberately demonstrate and promote any trademark by wearing costumes and portable items; or wear collectively costumes and items that contain the same or similar graphics, colour combinations or trademarks in any form of commercial or political propaganda, creating undue inconvenience to other participants or affecting the smooth progress of activities;
  • Sell or hire out any articles in the venue or provide any articles for the purposes of selling or hiring out;
  • Distribute unauthorized printing materials or souvenirs items;
  • Conduct activities which may hinder the smooth operation of the Olympic Live Sites or the enjoyment of other participants;
  • Record, take photo or video-shoot programmes conducted at the venues without authorization or for non-private use;
  • Damage or move the exhibits or facilities inside the venues; and
  • Litter or smoke.
6. Participants shall follow the instructions of venue staff and participate in the activities and use the facilities provided in the venues in an orderly manner.
7. Participants who violate the above house rules will not be admitted or will be removed from the venues.