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"District with the Strongest Cheering Squad" Prize


To enhance the competition atmosphere of the Hong Kong Games (HKG), boost the morale of the athletes from the 18 districts and call for concerted efforts in the community to cheer on the athletes, each District Council may form a Cheering Squad to give full support to their athletes during the sports competitions. The district represented by the Cheering Squad with the highest overall attendance on competition days will be awarded the prize of the "District with the Strongest Cheering Squad".

Composition of the Cheering Squads:

Each Cheering Squad shall consist of at least 10 members, irrespective of age and gender. Members may include the head, deputy heads and team leaders of district delegations, members of the Cheering Team, relatives and friends of athletes as well as other participants from the district. However, all athletes and coaches participating in the HKG are not eligible to take part in this activity.

Regulations and Scoring Method:
  1. The Cheering Squads will cheer on the athletes at the venues of the eight sports competitions. The squads should register with the staff of the Organiser and have a photo taken by the staff at a designated corner in order to have their attendance recorded. The squad of each district, consisting of at least 10 members at each attendance, may only register once at each venue on each competition day.
  2. The prize will be awarded to the district represented by the Cheering Squad with the highest overall attendance in the eight sports competitions. If two or more districts have the same attendance, the districts concerned will be awarded the same prize.
  3. There are no specific restrictions on the form of expression, but the squads shall abide by the rules of the venues.
  4. Cheering activities may take place at any time from the start of the first match to the end of the last match on a competition day. However, Cheering Squads shall register with the staff of the Organiser and have a photo taken for record not later than 30 minutes before the end of the last match of a competition day.
  5. For the date, time, venue and the latest arrangements for the sports competitions of the 4th HKG, please visit the dedicated website of the 4th HKG at
Notes to Participants:
  1. Participants shall abide by the rules of the venues and all instructions given by the staff of the Organiser/venue managers when cheering on the athletes.
  2. If a Pre-No. 8 Special Announcement has been issued, or Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is in force two hours before the start of the matches, all matches and all activities of the Cheering Squads on that day will be cancelled. The Organiser will announce the arrangements for the matches and the activities of the Cheering Squads separately in due course.
Announcement of Results and Prize Presentation:
The results will be announced and the prizes will be presented during the Closing cum Prize Presentation Ceremony of the 4th HKG to be held at Kowloon Park Sports Centre on the afternoon of 2 June 2013 (Sunday).
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