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Golf (Driving Range) Competition 2013
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Rules of Competitions


Participants should arrive at the course and report to the Organiser 15 minutes before the scheduled time for the first event. They must produce valid identity documents for verification of their names. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any participant who fails to prove his/her identity.


Participants should arrive at the course on the scheduled time and report to the staff of the Organiser. Participants failing to turn up within the first 5 minutes of the specified time for the competition will be regarded as waiving of their participating right.


Participants should observe the rules of the golf driving range and practice green of the Tuen Mun Golf Centre.


Participants should finish the games within the time limit during the competition.


Participants are not allowed to accept ˇ§adviceˇ¨ from anyone after they have entered the course. ˇ§Adviceˇ¨ means any hints given which may affect the participantsˇ¦ judgement such as the choice of clubs, alignment and ball flight direction.


Non-participants are not allowed to enter the course to avoid causing disturbance to the players.


Silence should be kept when the competition is in progress.


Participants may choose to use the rubber tees provided by the Organiser in Event A ˇ§Target Distanceˇ¨.


Participants may drive one trial ball before formal competition in Event A ˇ§Target Distanceˇ¨ and Event B ˇ§Bunker Shotˇ¨ begins. But trial ball is not provided in Event C ˇ§Chip and Puttˇ¨ and Event D ˇ§Putting Contestˇ¨.


Ready ball accidentally moved by the participantˇ¦s club before stroke will be counted as ball of the event. Air shot will also be counted as ball of the event during the competition.


Subject to the terms stated in the prospectus, the rules and regulations currently adopted by ˇ§The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotlandˇ¨ and ˇ§The United States Golf Associationˇ¨ will be applied.


No appeal will be allowed. The decision of the judge on the site is final.


The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any participant who is in breach of the rules and regulations or engages in unbecoming conduct that may affect the progress of the competition. The participant's scores will be cancelled and the fee paid will not be refunded.


Participants should take care of their personal belongings.

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