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photoSearch for Sea Cave Tour
Due to the impact of direct sea waves from the South China Sea year after year, lots of spectacular coastal features such as sea caves and sea arches were formed along the eastern coast of Hong Kong. The journey starts from the Chong Hing Water Sports Centre, canoeing along these remote coastlines to explore the amazing geo-features. The works of art created by nature will bring you a special and breathtaking experience.

photoShek O Geo Tour
This journey makes its first stop at Cape D'Aquilar Peninsula and Kau Pei Chau to let you appreciate the amazing coastal landforms offshore. On the way from Kau Pei Chau to Shek O, you will find every now and then special landforms such as precipitous sea caves, cliffs and wave-cut platform as a result of weathering and wave erosion throughout the years. The geos and sea cliffs at Ng Fan Chau and Tai Tau Chau are proof of the astonishing power of nature!

Reference: Website of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

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