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Climbing Carnival
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Climbing Carnival
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The Climbing Carnival will be staged at the soccer pitch of Pak Tai Temple Playground, Cheung Chau on 27 April (Sunday). The activities include game stalls (featuring the 10th Anniversary of the Bun Carnival), handicraft, variety show, wishing bun tower, display of winners’ work of the Student Colouring and Drawing Competitions, etc.

The Climbing Play-in will be held to enable the public to enjoy the fun of climbing bun towers on the spot. An invitation relay for local tertiary institutions, government departments, public utilities, commercial and industrial organisations will also be staged. Activity details are as follows:




Climbing Play-in

All Ages
(1 metre or above in height)

  • On-the-spot application

Invitation Relay

18 or above
(5 persons per team)

  • Local tertiary institutions, government departments, public utilities and commercial and industrial organisations will be invited to take part (8 teams in total)
  • The team to finish the race in the shortest time will win
  • There are prizes for the champion, the first and second runners-up



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