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The Bun Carnival held since the re-commissioning of the Bun Scrambling Competition in 2005 has been well received by the public. The wide range of programmes including the Selection of Finalists for the Bun Scrambling Competition, the Climbing Carnival as well as the Bun Scrambling Competition not only have attracted over 10 000 participants but also tens of thousands of local and overseas spectators. Among these programmes, the Bun Scrambling Competition has been the focus of attention and has become one of the most representative traditional festive events in Hong Kong. It helps boost the economy of Cheung Chau, create commercial opportunities, and promote climbing sport as well as tourism in Hong Kong.

The Bun Carnival 2010 to be staged at the soccer pitch of Pak Tai Temple Playground, Cheung Chau from 8 May to 22 May 2010 is jointly presented by the Hong Kong Cheung Chau Bun Festival Committee and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, in association with the Cheung Chau Wai Chiu County Association Limited, the Cheung Chau Rural Committee, the Hong Kong Mountaineering Union and the Islands District Office of the Home Affairs Department, and sponsored by the LUKFOOK JEWELLERY, Watsons Water and the Islands District Council. The activities include training and selection of finalists for the Bun Scrambling Competition, the Climbing Carnival and the Bun Scrambling Competition. To enhance public knowledge of the bun scrambling tradition and local customs, there are a colouring competition for kindergarten students and a drawing competition for primary school students, which is held for the first time this year.

The Climbing Carnival is staged to enable the public to enjoy the fun of bun tower climbing. The activities include game stalls, handicraft, variety show, and climbing demonstrations, etc. Regarding the Bun Scrambling Competition, climbing training will be provided for the participants. In addition to the individual event, an invitation relay will be organised for climbing athletes from neighbouring cities and local groups in Cheung Chau.

The activities of the Bun Carnival 2010 are as follows:



8-9/5, 15/5

Training on Bun Tower Climbing


Selection of Finalists for the Bun Scrambling Competition


Climbing Carnival


Bun Scrambling Competition cum Prize Presentation Ceremony

Please refer to the publicity materials for details of the programmes.



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