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Hong Kong athletes win 98 trophies at 4th All-China Games
The 4th All-China Games held in Hefei, Anhui Province, concluded today (May 26) with a closing ceremony at the Hefei Grand Theatre. The HKSAR delegation to the Games achieved fruitful results, winning 98 trophies, comprising 13 first class, 43 second class and 42 third class trophies.
Held once every four years, the All-China Games is a national non-Olympic multi-sports event. This is the first time that the HKSAR Government has formally organised a delegation to take part in the Games. The Secretary for Home Affairs and the Chef de Mission of the delegation to the 4th All-China Games, Mr Tsang Tak-sing, said he was thrilled by the outstanding performance of the Hong Kong athletes.
Mr Tsang watched some of the events in Hefei. He said the All-China Games had offered interesting and popular sports such as 3-on-3 basketball, bridge, Chinese chess, dragon boat and rock climbing. Unlike the tense atmosphere at the competitions among elite athletes, both the players and the spectators at the All-China Games got a lot of enjoyment from the events.
"The Games inspire us in our bid to promote sports. We believe that sports should be developed at all levels. For the public, the happiness and enjoyment offered by 'Sport for All' are as essential as the excitement offered by elite sports," Mr Tsang said.
He said that while efforts should be stepped up to train elite athletes to advance their skills and standards, "Sport for All" should also be promoted to encourage public participation in various sports.
The 4th All-China Games, consisting of 34 sports, was held between May 16 and 26. The HKSAR had sent 92 athletes to compete in 19 sports events - aeromodel, billiards, body building, bowling, bridge, Chinese chess, dancesport, go, golf, health qigong, life saving, lion dance, marine modelling, orienteering, rock climbing, roller sports, shuttlecock, squash and water skiing. The youngest athlete was 14, taking part in golf, while the eldest was an aeromodel athlete, aged 58.
The Hong Kong athletes had won 13 first class trophies in bowling, golf, life saving and squash competitions and 43 second class and 42 third class trophies in other competitions (Please refer to annex for details).
A welcome home reception for the Hong Kong athletes taking part in the All-China Games will be held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, on June 8.
Information on Hong Kong's participation in the Games can be obtained at this webpage:
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
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