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The HKSAR Delegation to the 4th All-China Games
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Background Information

16-26 May 2010

Hefei City, Anhui Province
Brief Introduction:
The All-China Games is a non-Olympic multi-sport event on the national level. Comparable to the National Games, this large-scale sporting event gathers top athletes from all over the country. The Games has been organised by the General Administration of Sport of China and the All-China Sports Federation since 2000 with the aim of promoting the development of non-Olympic events and community sports in our country. The Games is also held to meet society's demand for a wide variety of sports so as to strike a balance between the development of competition sports and community sports. Characterised by the concept of sport for all in society and wide public participation, the Games comprises highly competitive sports and spectator sports. They, range from high-level competitions to tests of intelligence and physical fitness embodying the traditional Chinese spirit as well as displaying the style and features of modern society.
Competition Events:
There are a total of 34 competition events in the 4th All-China Games, namely 3-on-3 basketball, aerobics, aeromodel, billiards, body building, boules, bowling, bridge, chess, Chinese chess, Chinese wrestling, dancesport, dragon boat, fin swimming, gateball, go, golf, health qigong, indoor 5-a-side-football, life saving, lion dance, marine modelling, motor boat, open water swimming, orienteering, parachuting, rock climbing, roller sports, shuttlecock, sports acrobatics, squash, tug of war, water skiing and wireless location hunt.
Theme Slogan:
“Harmonious Anhui Energetic China” manifests the harmony between the ancient culture of Anhui Province and the modern culture of contemporary society. It embodies the idea of “a sports extravaganza and a festival for the people”. It also conveys “Hope and Dream”, “Peace and Friendship” as well as “Contribution and Joy”, which are the sincere wishes sent by the people in Hefei city to the whole country!
Huanhuan, an azure-winged Magpie (Cyanopica cyanus)