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<< Aviary Pagoda >>
ĦiEnjoy a Panoramic View of Yuen Long from the Aviary PagodaĦj
Built on the hill of Shui Ngau Ling of 30 metres high, the aviary pagoda is the highest structure in its surroundings and the landmark of the Yuen Long Park. The 7-storey pagoda is red in colour and of Chinese architectural style. At the top level of the pagoda, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of all Yuen Long Town as well as a fine distant view of Ping Shan, Ha Tsuen, Shap Pat Heung and the new town of Tin Shui Wai.
The lowest storey of the pagoda is converted into an open aviary, the first of its kind. The open aviary at the bottom of the pagoda has a floor area of 85 square metres and is planted with various kinds of trees, shrubs and potted plants in order to imitate the wood environment and provide a shelter for the birds, which is similar to their natural habitat.
Graphic : Aviary Pagoda
Aviary Pagoda

<< Birds >>
ĦiBirds Enjoying Freedom Flight inside the PagodaĦj
The aviary pagoda houses more than 100 birds of over 30 species such as Orange-bellied leafbird, Black Bulbul, Emerald Dove, Peking Robin, Hwa-Mei, Java Sparrow, Black-naped Oriole, Black-crested Yellow Bulbul, Grosbeak Starling...... Having entered the aviary through the revolving door, visitors will find themselves surrounded by birds which are singing and flying freely.
Graphic : Orange-bellied leafbirdGraphic : Black BulbulGraphic : Emerald Dove
Orange-bellied leafbird
Black Bulbul
Emerald Dove
Graphic : Peking RobinGraphic : Hwa-MeiGraphic : Java Sparrow
Peking Robin
Java Sparrow
Graphic : Black-naped OrioleGraphic : Black-crested Yellow BulbulGraphic : Grosbeak Starling
Black-naped Oriole
Black-crested Yellow Bulbul
Grosbeak Starling
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