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Park Facilities
<< Landscaped Scenery >>
¡iRavine Garden-A Place to Forget the City Hustle¡j
Below the aviary pagoda, there is a magnificent waterscape featuring a 13-metre waterfall pouring down into a stream which winds to the artificial lake. With the fish swimming leisurely and the lotus flowers blooming, one will forget all the worldly cares.
Behind the waterfall lies a solitary footpath leading to a man-made cave, where one can enjoy the picturesque scenery of the small footbridge, the running water and the traditional Chinese pavilion in the middle of the lake.
Graphic : Waterfall(13m height man-made cave)
Graphic : Ornamental Lake
Graphic : Landscaped Garden
Waterfall(13m height man-made cave)
Ornamental Lake
Landscaped Garden
Graphic : Palm Garden
Graphic : Rhododendron Garden
Graphic : Butterfly Corner
Palm Garden
Rhododendron Garden
Butterfly Corner

<<Recreation Facilities >>
¡iRecreation and Sports Facilities - Enjoying the Pleasure of Playing Gateball¡j
There is a turf pitch of 400 square metres for gateball in the park. Gateball is easy to learn and is a moderate exercise suitable for people of all ages, particularly the elderly.
In addition to the gateball court, the park has a 7-a-side soccer pitch, a 5-a-side soccer pitch, children's playground, a fitness trail, elderly fitness station, a fountain plaza of novel design, and a pebble walking trail.
Graphic : 7-a-side Soccer PitchGraphic : Turfed Gateball CourtGraphic : 5-a-side Soccer Pitch
7-a-side Soccer Pitch
Turfed Gateball Court
5-a-side Soccer Pitch
Graphic : Children's Playground Graphic : Pebble Walking TrailGraphic : Qualiwalk Trail
Children's Playground
Pebble Walking Trail
Qualiwalk Trail
Graphic : Fitness Station Graphic : Fitness Station
Fitness Station Elderly Fitness Station

<< Significant Tree>>
¡iSignificant Tree¡j
Yuen Long Park has two numbers of native Yanmin. They are large evergreen tree, native to tropical East Asia. The leaves are alternate. The flowers appear in May, they are bisexual and in clusters shorter than the leaves. The flowers are greenish-white in colour. The petals narrow, erect, then curling back at the apex. The fruit is spherical and fleshy, they are picked in late Summer and pickled for flavoring food.

Yuen Long Park_ near Park office
Diameter Breast Height (DBH)

Graphic : Yanminl
Graphic : Yanminl
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