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Phase I (Passive Facilities)

The structures of the Park are designed in the Yangzhou style of the Qing Dynasty. At the centre of the area is the picturesque view of an artificial lake with rocky stream cascades.
Graphic : Stream cascades
Stream Cascades

There are one twin pavilion, three pavilions and one covered walkway at the landscape area, artificial lake and stream cascades respectively. Adjacent to the stream cascades is a Conservation Corner which provides a tranquil setting for birds to rest and is an ideal place for bird-watching. A scented garden planted with fragrant flowers has been newly built around the twin pavilion. On the northeastern side of the lake is an amphitheatre for staging theatrical and musical events. Facing the stage is a semi-circular spectator stand with a seating capacity of 400. In the north of the amphitheatre is the Terraced Garden.

Lying to the east of the lake is a Rock Garden constructed with different kinds of rock where a trendy Pebble Walking Trail is set for foot massage. A community garden is provided on the southern side of the Rock Garden for enthusiasts in planting to enjoy the pleasure of farming. On the eastern side of the Park is a children's playground installed with multi-play equipment with safety matting. The equipment is specially provided for teenagers and children for their physical and mental development. A Fitness Corner for the Elderly is also provided for senior citizens. In addition, a Quali Walk Trail is set around the Park so that visitors can enjoy the scenery of the Park while doing exercise.

Graphic : Artificial lake
Graphic : Conservation Corner
Graphic : Pebble Walking Trail
Artificial Lake
Conservation Corner
Pebble Walking Trail
Graphic : Covered  Walkway
Graphic : Amphitheatre
Graphic : Children's playground
Covered Walkway
Children's Playground
Graphic : Community Garden
Community Garden
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