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Kowloon Walled City Park
The Garden of Four Seasons

PhotoGuangyin Square, a 300-sq m garden featuring rock displays, plants representing China's four seasons and lingnan-style bonsai, is located next to the Yamen. Follow the rock-lined walkway from Kuixing Pavilion, and enter through a moon gate. Embedded into the pebble-stone courtyard is an exquisite Chinese mosaic, Wu Fu Shou He Tu (five bats and a crane). The artwork, crafted of porcelain plates, beer-bottle fragments and pebbles, symbolizes great blessing and long life.

Some of the garden's shrubs have been worked into dragon and phoenix shapes. The potted bonsai on display were designed by trimming the stems and cultivating the branches rather than tying, bending or twisting them into shape.

In the post-war years of the Walled City, the original Guangyin Square was the sole open area within the densely crowded City walls.


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