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Major Facilities
Bauhinia Garden, 7-a-side Hard-surfaced Soccer Pitches, Hard-surfaced Basketball Courts, Artificial Turf Soccer Pitches, Natural Turf Soccer Pitch, Roller Skating Rink, Jogging Track, Elderly Fitness Corner, Walking Tiles, Childrenˇ¦s Playground, Pet Garden, Sports Ground, Swimming Pool.

Other Facilities
Kiosk and fee-charging car park
(including 1 designated disabled
parking space)

Photo: Bauhinia Garden Photo : 7-a-side Hard-surfaced Soccer Pitches Photo : Hard-surfaced Basketball Courts
Photo : Artificial Turf Soccer Pitches
Bauhinia Garden
7-a-side Hard-surfaced Soccer Pitches
Hard-surfaced Basketball Courts
Artificial Turf Soccer Pitches
Photo : Natural Turf Soccer Pitch
Photo : Roller Skating Rink
Photo : Jogging Track Photo : Elderly Fitness Corner
Natural Turf Soccer Pitch
Roller Skating Rink
Jogging Track
Elderly Fitness Corner
Photo : Walking Tiles Photo : Children's Playground Photo : Pet Garden Photo : Sports Ground
Walking Tiles
Children's Playground
Pet Garden
Sports Ground

Last revision date: 22 January, 2014