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Golden Agouti
Dasyprocta leporina
Class Mammalia

Order Rodentia

Distribution Venezuela, eastern Brazil and Lesser Antilles.

Habitat Forest

Behaviour The body length ranges from 41 to 62 cm and weight 1.3 to 4.0 kg with a short tail of 1 to 3 cm. They are social animals being active in the daytime. Their legs are well adapted to walking, running and galloping. They can leap up to 2 m above the ground from a standing start. When threatened, they will escape with remarkable speed and great agility. They dig burrows for shelter and usually sit erect to eat, holding food in their hands. The remaining food will be buried for future consumption when food is scarce. A litter usually contains one or two young. Being fully furred with eyes open, the newborn are able to run in their first hour of life.

Diet Leaves, fruit, roots and succulent plants.
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