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Old & Valuable Tree
Register ID. Species Criteria Remarks
Large Size* Precious or rare species Particularly old age Cultural, historical or memorable significance Outstanding Form
CW/100 Ficus microcarpa DBH 2000mm; Height 19m; Crown 25m
CW/101 Bombax ceiba DBH 1100mm; Height 20m; Crown 17m
CW/102 Ficus microcarpa DBH 1200mm; Height 13m; Crown 14m
CW/103 Ficus virens var. sublanceolata DBH 2800mm; Height 20m; Crown 34m
CW/104 Ficus microcarpa DBH 1800mm; Height 15m; Crown 25m
CW/105 Ficus microcarpa DBH 1700mm; Height 27m; Crown 34m
CW/106 Bombax ceiba DBH 800mm; Height 13m; Crown 14m
CW/107 Ficus microcarpa DBH 1200mm; Height 14m; Crown 22m
CW/108 Ficus virens var. sublanceolata DBH 1400mm; Height 23m; Crown 23m
CW/109 Ficus elastica DBH 2000mm; Height 22m; Crown 27m
CW/110 Ficus microcarpa DBH 1500mm; Height 18m; Crown 23m
CW/111 Mangifera indica DBH 950mm; Height 17m; Crown 16m
CW/112 Ziziphus jujuba DBH 370mm; Height 4.9m; Crown 4m
CW/114 Ficus microcarpa DBH 1200mm; Height 15m; Crown 14m

*Large size : DBH of or over 1000mm; Height of or over 25m, Crown Spread of or over 25m

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