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Conservation Corner

Hong Kong is rich in dragonflies. Over 100 species of dragonflies, which is twice the number found in Britain, are identified. A Conservation Corner for dragonflies is set up at the Artificial Lake of the Hong Kong Park. The slow running water and the quiet pond surface with rich plantation provide an ideal habitat for dragonflies.

Wild Squirrels

The free living squirrels that can be seen in Hong Kong Park, mainly are Belly-banded Squirrels Callosciurus flavimanus, subspecies thai, which are native to Western Thailand and Burma.

Until the 1960's there were no wild squirrels in Hong Kong and it is not known whether these animals were deliberately introduced or accidentally released. They are now common in all well wooded areas of Hong Kong Island and the New Territories. They feed on blossoms, young foliage and fruits of various trees, insects and small form of animal life.

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