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Registration as a User of Fitness Rooms
Procedure for Registration
List of Equivalent Qualifications
Location of Fitness Rooms
Fitness Room Monthly Ticket Scheme
Hire Charges
Conditions of Use
Methods of Booking
Leisure Services
Web Accessibility Conformance Statement
Location of Fitness Rooms
Fitness Equipment Provided in Fitness Room

Quarry Bay Sports Centre *
Equipment No. (Set)
Bicep Curl 1
Tricep Extension 1
Multi Pec Fly/ Rear Delt 1
Multi Pulley System 1
Lat Pulley 1
Chest Press 1
Shoulder Press 1
Back Extension 2
Leg Curl 1
Leg Press 1
Leg Extension 1
Calf 1
Chin/Dip/Leg Raise 1
Rower 3
Upright Bike 4
Recumbent Bike 2
Stepper 2
Natural Runner Plus 2
Treadmill 4
Sit Up Board 1
Flat / Incline Bench 1
Dumbbell (3-50lbs) 1
The above provision is subject to change due to maintenance of individual equipment.
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