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Hong Kong Hockey Association

Both locals and foreigners love hockey. The Hong Kong Hockey Association (HKHA) has been dedicated to promoting the sport in the community. This year is the 80th anniversary of the Association and we have invited Mr Ernest LI, the Honorary Secretary General of HKHA, to introduce the work and orientation of its development.

Photo Mr Ernest LI, Honorary Secretary General of the Hong Kong Hockey Association

Hockey originated from Great Britain. In order to promote the sport, the HKHA was established in 1933. It attracted those who were already in love with the sport and also provided local citizens with chances to play hockey. In its early years, the Association was made up of 150 male or female teams and had as many as 2 500 members. This showed us that the sport was already flourishing in Hong Kong during the 1930s. Today, 29 clubs are affiliated to the Association. Basically, the Association is composed of 5 parts: the menˇ¦s section, the womenˇ¦s section, the veterans section, the umpires section and the promotion and development section. The menˇ¦s section is divided into 7 divisions with 84 teams; the womenˇ¦s section is divided into 5 divisions with 47 teams. Ernest stated that hockey has attracted people of different nationalities and ethnicities, including locals, Europeans and South Asians. With currently more than 6 000 people who play this sport in Hong Kong, we can see that hockey is getting more and more popular.

Ernest further noted that in order to let more young people learn about hockey, the Association has been organising School Sports Promotion Scheme subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in secondary and primary schools. Under this scheme, students are taught the basics and encouraged to participate in the sport. Furthermore, HKHA advocates Junior Hockey Promotion Scheme in the community. Beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses, competitions and workshops have been included in the scheme for students aged between 11 and 18. The Association also has hockey training courses for adults and children to cater for different age groups.


Other than promoting the sport in the community, the HKHA has also hosted a number of major international events, including the 1st and the 2nd Menˇ¦s Asian Hockey Federation Cup in 1997 and 2002 respectively, followed by the 6th Womenˇ¦s Hockey Asia Cup in 2007 (The largest event of women hockey in Asia, attracting nine teams from Asian countries). The Association also organised the hockey event in the 5th East Asian Games in 2009. The matches were played at King's Park Hockey Ground, Kowloon, and the Hong Kong hockey team won the bronze medal for the event. From 2006 onwards, the Association has also been hosting the Hong Kong Quadrangular Hockey Tournament for teams around the world. This year, the Association will send Hong Kong teams to participate in the 12th National Games and the 6th East Asian Games. The team members will do their best to get good results.

Ernest said that even though hockey has become more and more popular, the lack of fields was one of the major hindrances to hockey promotion. Currently, the hockey fields of Hong Kong are mainly located in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, and you can find them at Kingˇ¦s Park, Lok Fu, Boundary Street, Happy Valley and also the Hong Kong Football Club. Ernest hoped that we can have more hockey fields, especially in the New Territories, so that it will be more convenient for people living in those areas. Ernest said, ˇ§In addition to fitness, hockey also helps to train your hand-eye-foot coordination. Apart from that, you can make new friends of different nationalities, which would help to expand your social circle.ˇ¨ To further promote hockey in our city, the HKHA will continue to fight for new hockey fields, promote the sport vigorously, and scout for and train more talented players in the hope of strengthening local hockey.


Those who are interested in hockey can visit the HKHA website: (www.hockey.org.hk).

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