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Sport Heroes
Handball¡DHO Shuk-ting
Passing the flame onto next generation
The former handball player HO Shuk-ting was one of Hong Kong¡¦s torch bearers in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In response to being allowed to serve as a torch bearer, she said, ¡§The honor does not belong to me, but to my coach and fellow teammates.¡¨ She has always been thankful to the coach that introduced her to handball and passed the flame of this sport onto the next generation. ¡§This sport helped me grow and enriched my experiences of this world, so I really hope to share my experience with the young people,¡¨ said HO Shuk-ting. In addition to being an outstanding player, she is also a veteran coach of handball. She is committed to nurturing the fresh blood in the local community of handball players, and received the Community Coach Recognition Award from the Hong Kong Coaching Committee in 2010.

HO Shuk-ting first came into contact with handball when she was studying in teachers¡¦ college. She then decided to join handball sport team after hearing about her school¡¦s plans to form a team. She has always felt that her basketball performance was limited by her stature. In comparison she found the speed, strength and agility required for handball to be more suitable for her, and that was the main reason she dedicated herself to this sport.
Bring out the best performance
HO Shuk-ting has been participating in handball events as an amateur since 1989 and has represented Hong Kong in a number of major competitions such as the Asian Games in 1990 and the East Asian Cup in 1992. She and her teammates always give their best in every competition. ¡§Even if we know that there is a huge difference between our opponents and us, we all have the same goal in mind: we will strive for the best and leave no regrets even if the chances of winning are slim. We must try our hardest for the best results we can get and we can¡¦t let Hong Kong down. We have to treasure each and every opportunity we have to compete,¡¨ said HO Shuk-ting.

To prepare for the competition, HO Shuk-ting used to practice six nights a week. ¡§It was really exhausting, but even so, it was worth it! Sport is like this. If you are willing to pay, there you will always gain something!¡¨ said HO Shuk-ting. She then further explained that her hard work had increased her skills and fitness. Even though she is no longer as fit as before, it is thanks to her hard work in the past that she has been able to maintain her skills.
Sharing experiences with students
HO Shuk-ting is committed to teaching children more about handball, and has founded the Forbes Sports Association and organized training courses for the children. Moreover, she feels glad that she has the opportunity to teach the younger generation and share her experiences with them to introduce more people to handball. When speaking of her teaching experiences, HO Shuk-ting said she thinks that it is particularly important to emphasize basic skills training as this is neglected by most of the young athletes nowadays. ¡§If they focus only on getting the ball in while playing, and neglect their opponents or act only according to their own initiatives while playing, then their horizons cannot be broadened.¡¨ Therefore, she always reminds players to be flexible and adapt to stand out from the others.

Apart from training handball players, HO Shuk-ting also wishes to nurture more coaches and judges. ¡§To train more athletes, we need to train the coaches and judges first. This is also beneficial for the growth of the club and the development of handball.¡¨ said HO Shuk-ting. This is also the long term goal set by the Forbes Sports Association.
Nurturing the youth under the influence of her coach
HO Shuk-ting¡¦s commitment to nurturing the next generation is the result of the influence of her first coach. ¡§I would not have had the chance to play handball if it wasn¡¦t for Mr LI Ping-kun. He gave me many chances. At the time, I had only played handball for one year, but even so, he was still willing to help me fight for the chance to take part in the East Asian Cup. Later on, he also suggested that I become a committee member of the Handball Association of Hong Kong, China. Currently the Vice-President of the committee, she still thinks that there is an urge inside her to follow the path of Mr LI in order to pass her experiences to the next generation.

HO Shuk-ting said that the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has provided community sport clubs with a lot of support and subsidies for coaching fees and venue charges for the nurturing of young sport players. As a community handball club, the Forbes Sports Association is able to organize trainings courses and competitions for young players under the subsidy scheme. She believes that the organization of these training courses will give young players more opportunities to play handball and would help the club find outstanding players. In the future, she will continue to promote and popularize this sport with her passion for handball.
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