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Places of Amusement Licences  
Places of Amusement Licences
Guide to Application for Licences
Licensing Conditions
Performance Pledge
List of Licensed Premises
Application Form
Places of Amusement Licence Fees
Leisure Services
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Application form  
Application Form
Application for Places of Amusement Licence (LCS 31)
Application for Renewal of Places of Amusement Licence (LCS 785)
Application for Transfer of Places of Amusement Licence (LCS 294)
Application for Nomination of Manager (LCS 596)
Undertaking (LCS 574)
Application for Use of Places of Amusement for Events/Activities not Specified in the Licence (LCS 862a)
Application for Extension of Business Hours (LCS 907a)
Application for Permission for Person(s) under the Age of 16 Years to Enter a Licensed Billiard Establishment after 8:00 p.m. (LCS 908a)
Application for Permission for Students in School Uniform to Enter a Licensed Billiard Establishment (LCS 909a)
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