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Hong Kong residents:

Hong Kong residents must register with their Hong Kong Identity (HKID) Cards. Applicants under the age of 11 who do not have a HKID Card should register with their birth certificate number. Hong Kong residents may register online or send the completed application form (LCS 11a) with copies of identity documents by fax or by post to the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre (Address: 5M/F Kwun Chung Municipal Services Building, 17 Bowring Street, Jordan, Kowloon; Fax no.: 2377 4061) ; applicants can also apply in person to the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre for presenting their true copies of HKID Cards. For persons under the age of 18, the application has to be signified by parent or guardian.

Applicants who are visitors in Hong Kong:

Visitors may apply to register as Leisure Link Temporary Patron (LLTP). Their registration is valid in accordance with the permitted stay period of the visitor, or 6 months, whichever the shorter. Applicants should apply in person (Application form (LCS 11b)) at the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre on 5M/F, Kwun Chung Municipal Services Building, 17 Bowring Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong and produce a valid photo-bearing travel document for verification. Each visitor is allowed to apply one LLTP. Local residents using HKSAR Passports or any other passports (including the British Nationals (Overseas) Passport issued by the British Consulate-General Hong Kong) will not be accepted.

The office hours of the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre for handling patron application are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday (except general holidays). For general enquiries, you may contact LCSD through 2314 7702 during office hours or email to enquiries@lcsd.gov.hk.



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