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Physical Fitness Test For the Community Physical Fitness Test For the Community
Concept of physical fitness
How to improve physical fitness
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Test procedures

(Adults & Seniors)

Participants have to complete the questionnaire before taking the physical fitness test, which consists of the assessments of the following three aspects; physical measurements, cardio-respiratory function and fitness performance.

Station 1: Registration

  • Complete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, sign the consent form and take the test record card.

Station 2: Physical Measurements

  • Measurement of height, weight, body circumferences (chest, waist and hip) and skinfold thickness.

Station 3: Test Items for Cardio-respiratory function and Fitness performance

  • Test items include resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, sit-and-reach test, hand grip test, closed-eye balance stand, selection reaction time test, vertical jump (adults) and 3-min stepping test (adults).

Station 4: Test Results and Collection of Souvenir

  • Participants will be presented with the test results plus a souvenir immediately after completing the test.

Station 5: Physical Fitness Consultation and Advice

  • Experienced physical fitness professionals are ready to answer enquiries and offer expert advice on site.



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