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Hiking Scheme
B5 Uk Tau - Wong Shek - Hoi Ha Wan


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Route B5 - Uk Tau - Wong Shek - Hoi Ha Wan
Starting Point

Uk Tau, Pak Tam Road, Sai Kung (KK250827)

- Take Kowloon Motor Bus Route No. 94 at Sai Kung Town Centre.

Finishing Point

Hoi Ha, Hoi Ha Road (KK249862)

- Take green minibus Route No. 7 to Sai Kung Town Centre.

Length about 9 km
Duration about 5 hours
Level of Difficulty
Countryside Map Sai Kung & Clear Water Bay

B1 - Dragon's Back - Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir
B2 - Big Wave Bay - Siu Sai Wan
B3 - Pat Sin Leng - Sha Tau Kok
B4 - High Junk Peak - Mang Kung Uk
B5 - Uk Tau - Wong Shek - Hoi Ha Wan
B6 - Hau Tong Kai - Cheung Sheung - Pak Tam Au
B7 - Wong Nai Chung Reservoir - Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir
B8 - Man Yee Au - Chui Tung Au - Tai Long Au - Pak Tam Au
B9 - Overlooking the East Sea at Tai Leng Tung
B10 - Lady Clement's Ride - Aberdeen Reservoirs
B11 - Pak Sha O - Sham Chung - Yung Shue O - Shui Long Wo



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