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Fitness Programmes for Older Persons

  1. Introduction
  2. Guidelines for Doing Exercise
  3. Warm-up Exercise
  4. Fitness Exercise for Older Persons
  5. Cool-down Exercise
  6. Virtual Class for Fitness Exercise for Older Persons
  7. Download pamphlet of Fitness Exercise for Older Persons


Doing a moderate amount of exercise is beneficial to older persons in maintaining their physical and mental health as well as enriching their social life. The advantages include:

  1. Strengthening the cardiopulmonary functions, keeping the body in good health;

  2. Controlling body weight, improving blood pressure and reducing the level of blood lipids;

  3. Achieving better control of diabetes;

  4. Preventing coronary heart disease and stroke;

  5. Preventing osteoporosis;

  6. Reducing the risk of falls;

  7. Enlivening the state of mind as well as alleviating stresses and worries in life; and

  8. Enhancing the chance of making friends with others, broadening the social circle.

When the "Healthy Exercise for All Campaign" was initially launched, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Department of Health and the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China have specially developed a set of fitness exercises for older persons. The exercises have been well received by the public. In view of the fact that falls are common accidents among older persons, we have recently re-arranged the fitness exercises to better cater for their special need. The revised fitness exercises for older persons have added in the muscle strengthening exercise and balancing exercise on top of the chair aerobic, walk aerobic and towel exercises in the original version. It is hoped that the new addition will empower older persons with the ability to prevent falls.

Guidelines for Doing Exercise:

  1. Consult a doctor for medical advice before doing exercise;

  2. Pay attention to safety and remember to clear all the obstacles within the exercise area;

  3. Wear properly fitted sportswear and sports shoes;

  4. Proceed step by step and start with simple exercise;

  5. Remember to do sufficient warm-up and cool-down (stretching) exercises before and after exercise;

  6. Keep breathing smoothly and beware of symptoms of feeling unwell, such as feeling dizzy, having shortness of breath and feeling chest tightness. If you have any of such symptoms, stop doing exercise immediately; and

  7. Keep the intensity of exercise within the scale from 4 to 7 according to the "Rating of Perceived Exertion Scales" (see the table below).

Rating Of Perceived Exertion Scales

Rating Scale Intensity of Exercise  
0 No exertion at all Warm-up Stage
1 Extremely light
2 Very light
3 Somewhat light
4 Light Training Stage
5 Moderate
6 Somewhat hard
7 Hard
8 Very hard Critical Stage
9 Extremely hard
10 Maximal exertion


Fitness Exercise for Older Persons


Warm-up Exercise

(i) Dynamic Exercise

(ii) Stretching Exercise

Fitness Exercise

(i) Chair Aerobic Exercise for Older Persons
(ii) Walk Aerobic for Older Persons
(iii) Towel Exercise for Older Persons
(iv) Static Balancing Exercise for Older Persons
(v) Muscle Strengthening Exercise for Older Persons

Cool-down Exercise

(i) Breathing Exercise

(ii) Stretching Exercise

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