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Healthy Exercise for All Campaign

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Rope Skipping for Fun
Advantages of Rope Skipping
Skip in Safety
Five Steps to Follow in Rope Skipping
1) Choose a Rope that Suits You
2) Choose Proper Sports Shoes
3) Do Warming-up Exercise before Skipping
4) Skip in Correct Posture
5) Cool-down Exercise
Skill Recommendations
Virtual Class for Rope Skipping for Fun
'Rope Skipping for Fun' Fun Day
Download Pamphlet of Rope Skipping for Fun

Five Steps to Follow in Rope Skipping

3. Do Warming-up Exercise before Skipping
Warm-up exercise is basically made of stretching exercise. Hold each posture for 8 to 10 seconds so as to allow your body to prepare for further exercise. In general, the whole warm-up exercise lasts for 5 to 10 minutes. However, the time should be adjusted according to the surrounding temperature so as to make sure that your body temperature will rise slightly

4. Skip in Correct Posture
  • Look straight ahead; waist and back keep straight
  • Lower the elbows; keep both elbows at an angle of about 90 degrees
  • Swing the rope by wrist action
  • Keep your feet close together, skipping on tiptoes or on the balls of your feet in rhythmic movements
  • Knees slightly bent while landing so as to absorb the shock of the jump
  • Jump on tiptoes or on the front of the soles in rhythmic movements
Graphic: Skip in correct posture
5. Cool-down Exercise
Relax completely, take a deep breath.. You may repeat the stretching movements with the rope. Take a leisured walk to relax until your body temperature and breathing are back to normal

Skill Recommendations

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