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Rope Skipping for Fun

Advantages of Rope Skipping
Skip in Safety
Five Steps to Follow in Rope Skipping
1) Choose a Rope that Suits You
2) Choose Proper Sports Shoes
3) Do Warming-up Exercise before Skipping
4) Skip in Correct Posture
5) Cool-down Exercise
Skill Recommendations
Virtual Class for Rope Skipping for Fun
'Rope Skipping for Fun' Fun Day
Download Pamphlet of Rope Skipping for Fun
Picture: Rope Skipping for Fun


Skipping is a great physical exercise. It helps to improve responsiveness, increase stamina, maintain handsome figure, thus achieving physical fitness. We can start skipping with simple equipment. All we need is just a rope, light clothing and a pair of suitable sports shoes. Besides, the exercise takes up little space and can be practiced almost everywhere. We can skip alone or with as many people as we like. Therefore, skipping is a simple and easy sport to play.

Advantages of Rope Skipping

You can determine the amount of exercise and adjust your own rhythm.. It is a sporting activity suitable for people with different physiques
Rope skipping calls for the coordination of feet, hands and brain which helps to exercise the limbs and improve body agility
One skip is equivalent to jumping with an object of your weight on your back, which can help to build up your muscle resilience and cardiopulmonary function
Skipping, which involves the whole body, can accelerate metabolism and blood circulation, thus strengthening the vascular function
Daily exercise helps to keep a fine figure, a healthy body and a sound mind
Increasing bone density

Skip in Safety

Skip on smooth ground which surface should not be uneven or with any hole
Mine the head room and keep in distance of the wall mounted fans and furniture for indoor skipping
Make sure there is enough space between you and the other skippers so as to avoid being hit by their ropes

Five Steps to Follow in Rope Skipping

1. Choose a Rope that Suits You
Choose a rope that suits your height.. A rope with the right length can easily move round the head and the body of the player. .A rope too long or too short will hamper skipping movements

How to measure:
To choose a rope with the right length, beginner should place his/her feet in the middle of the rope and lift both ends up to his/her chest (or lower) (See picture on the right)


2. Choose Proper Sports Shoes
To reduce the impact of skipping on your feet, you should choose a pair of sports shoes with shock-proof or insole design

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