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Physical Activity and Health

Everybody can enjoy the benefits of regular physical activity, regardless of age, sex and body conditions.

Benefits of Regular Physical Activity
  1. Improves heart and lung function and improves blood circulation. Reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or colorectal cancer;
  2. Strengthens muscles. Builds and maintains healthy bones and reduces the chance of osteoporosis;
  3. Increases the flexibility of the joints and slows down the aging process;
  4. Consumes excess body fat and keeps body weight under control; and
  5. Helps to relieve stress, enhance self-confidence, extend social circle and establish good inter-personal relationship.

Physical activity need not be strenuous to be beneficial. Physical activity equivalent to 150 Calories per day is already associated with health gains. As a simple guide, exercise that makes your heart beat feel faster and stronger, or makes you fed sweaty or breathe heavily is considered physical activity of releval intensity.

A Healthy Start

To avoid soreness and injury, individuals who are inactive should aim low and start slow. This will allow time for the body to adjust.

People with chronic health problems such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes should consult a physician before beginning a new programme of physical activity.

Guidelines on Physical Exercise

  • Perform adequate warm up before exercise;
  • Drink adequate water when you exercise;
  • Do not do strenuous physical exercise when you are tired, or you will hurt your muscles or joints;
  • Stop physical activity immediately when feeling sick; and
  • Do not do exercise when you are suffering from acute illness.


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