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Health Tips
A cold bath after exercise will cause contraction of the blood vessels under the skin, which will cause the heat inside the body not to dissipate normally.

Is it easier for you to gain weight if you eat after doing exercise? Wrong! Doing exercise will promote metabolism. It is faster for the muscle to absorb blood sugar if you eat after doing exercise, but it does not mean that the amount of absorption will be increased.

Our body is in fact taking a rest in an active state and restoring physical strength when we are sleeping. Like eating, drinking and doing exercise, sufficient sleep is an important element of health. Insufficient sleep may affect mental and physical health, and even shorten our life span.

Muscles can effectively burn fat through aerobic metabolism. Therefore, appropriate muscle training should be incorporated into all exercise plans on weight control.

Weight loss can be achieved by skipping one meal? Wrong! Do not skip any main meal because this will slow down metabolism and will not reduce fat.

It is inadvisable to exercise vigorously after meals. This is because a large volume of blood will flow to the exercising organs and the volume of blood in the digestive system will reduce, affecting normal digestive and absorption functions. In addition, the excitation of sympathetic nerve during exercise will suppress intestinal and stomach activities, causing a reduction in the secretion of digestive juices. In the long run, this will easily cause gastrointestinal diseases.

When you slim, you should pay attention to the percentage of your body fat instead of your weight. According to experiments, when you slim only by doing exercise or only by dieting, you will, after stopping the slimming exercise/diet, have a percentage of body fat even higher than that of the time you have not yet started the slimming exercise/diet. When you slim by doing exercise together with a balanced diet, the percentage of your body fat will increase more slowly after you stop the slimming exercise and diet.

Is it right that massage can reduce fat? No. Massaging and rubbing the muscles cannot decompose fat and can only alleviate muscular fatigue and accelerate blood circulation. However, when the condition of the body is regulated by massaging, the discomfort in bones and muscles can be alleviated. This will enable people to take part in sports more willingly, thereby achieving the effect of enhancing their physical fitness and controlling their body weight. These are the indirect effects of massage.

Is it right that a person should not stop his/her exercise until he/she is exhausted? No. After long exercise, fatigue substances called lactic acid will increase in the body. When lactic acid accumulates in the muscle, it will cause muscular fatigue and stimulate the cerebrum, thereby reducing the desire for exercise. Moreover, excessive exercise will easily lead to the overloading of the heart and even the straining of bones and muscular tissue, thus causing bad effects on the body.

Water has to be replenished during exercise but it should be done step by step rather than hastily. The correct way is to replenish water gradually by rinsing the mouth with water first to moisten the oral cavity and then drinking a small amount of water and drinking some more after a while.

Persistent muscle fatigue after exercise is due to the incomplete oxidation and decomposition of lactic acid accumulated in the muscles during exercise. Cool-down exercise and stretching after exercise can increase blood circulation in the muscles and ensure sufficient oxygen supply to minimize fatigue.


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