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My Exercise Diary
My Exercise Diary
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My Exercise Tips
The benefits of exercise are many. Only by doing it yourself can you feel their effects on you.."Fencing Athlete - CHEUNG Yi-nei"

We face so many disease-spreading bacteria and viruses nowadays. The only way to protect yourself is to maintain your physical and psychological health. Act now and become an energetic Hong Konger!
"Athletic/ Rowing Athlete - Malina NGAI"

There are various types of sports. Surely you can find one that suits you. Take action now! Enjoy the fun of doing exercise.
"Fencing Athlete- HO Ka-lai"

DanceSport increases my passion for exercise. Dancing to music is more interesting than just working out by oneself.
"DanceSport Athlete - Flora LAM"

Through DanceSport, we appreciate mutual understanding, assistance and cooperation.
"DanceSport Athlete - LAI Kim-ching" Jian Qing"

Swimming not only exercises muscles in all parts of the body, it also improves cardiopulmonary functions. It is definitely an exercise for all ages!
"Swimming Athlete - TSAI Hiu-wai, Sherry"

Doing exercise is not necessarily tiring. Set aside 3 days each week for doing relaxing exercise. Not only can this reduce stress, it can also help you stay in good shape!
"Beach Volleyball Athlete - TSE Wing-hung"

Nothing is more pleasing than sweating it out, relaxing the body and the mind, and feeling more alive and alert. Exercise gives you the strength to face all kinds of challenges!
"Rhythmic Gymnastics Athlete - PANG Wai-yung, Carol"

Not only does exercise improve health, it also reduces body fat and keeps your body in shape. You will be more agile and graceful.
"Wheelchair Fencing Athlete - CHEUNG Wai-leung"

Exercise can improve physical and psychological health. When you are feeling stressed, exercise to reduce stress.
"Rhythmic Gymnastics Athlete - PANG Wai-yee, Gloria"

Habits follow you for life. Dancing is most suitable for improving your health. It is an integration of exercise, art and entertainment.
"DanceSport Athlete - YIP Chi-wai"

Expand your horizon, enrich your experience, build up your physique, and improve your life. I strongly believe that "to exercise is to live"!
"Wushu Athlete - CHENG Ka-ho"

Every time I exercise, I feel the joy of "sweating it out". It lets my mind rest and I feel refreshed.
"Rope Skipping Athlete - CHAN Wan-ka"

I suffer from respiratory allergy. Besides building up my physique, exercise and training also develop my sense of responsibility and willpower. It enables me to persevere and fight for my dreams!
"Triathlete - MAK So-ling, Tania"

Swing your limbs, stretch your body, move to the heart of City, and enjoy an active lifestyle!
"DanceSport Athlete - HO Tin-hung"


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