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To encourage Charter signees to put words into action and fulfill their pledge of doing exercise, all Charter signees who have enrolled in the "Exercise Appointments" and returned the form for "Collection of Data - Pattern of Exercising Habits" before the end of April 2007 will receive an attractive magnetic sticker and / or a souvenir while stock lasts.

Distributing arrangement of the magnetic sticker and souvenirs:

ActivitiesDateType of Magnetic Sticker & Souvenir
Launching Ceremony cum Exercise Charter Signing Day13/1
Jogging Workshop21/1 & 28/1
Yoga Workshop27/1 & 10/2
Hiking for Fun24/2 & 3/3
4/3 & 18/3
Exercise and Health Seminar
3/2 & 4/2
11/2 & 25/2
Sports Carnival31/3
Return of the "Pattern of Exercising Habits" Data Collection Form1-30/4


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