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Winning Entries


Winner Entries of Flowers Section

Award Name of Winner
First Prize PANG Ting-kwok
Second Prize LEUNG Kai-hung
Third Prize MOK Ngai-ching
Highly Commended YEUNG Wah-hing
LAI Dik-man
LEE Suet-hing
KWAN On-lam
WONG Ching-chuen
CHUK Yee-man Lydia
POON Mui-sze, Annette
WONG KWONG Po-oi Rainbow
MAN Wai-pik
KWONG Po-moon
LEE Suet-hing
WONG Yiu-fai
LAM King
CHEUNG Sau-ling
LEE Kim-sum
TIO Gwan-bie Leslie
LUK Yu-fung
CHENG Wai-kin
Homer LEE
WONG Yiu-fai