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The subsidy will be paid by a cheque made payable to the organization under application. Successful applicant will receive 50% of the approved subsidy normally within one month before commencement of the activity and signed the prescribed receipt form. The remaining balance will be paid within ONE (1) MONTH after completion of the activity and vetting of a report submitted by the applicant containing details of implementation, attendance and a financial statement, including all incomes received from other sources (including admission fee, sponsorship, donation or fundraising activities, etc.), certified by a Certified Public Accountant for subsidy at HK$120,000 and above or submission of original receipts of expenditure.


Normally, the Scheme will only subsidize expenditure incurred after approval has been granted.


The subsidy covers the whole or part of the expenses directly related to and necessary for implementing the activity that was approved under this Scheme. It should not be paid to individual as a reward for his/her participation. In addition, the subsidy should not be used to cover expenses not directly related to the activity (e.g. recurrent overhead expenditure of the organization, expenses for purchase of capital equipment) and non-essential item of the activity (e.g. banquet, uniform and cash prizes for lucky draw etc.). The following expenditure items are, subject to prior approval having been obtained from LCSD, permissible -


Hiring of venue, ground preparation and staging of exhibits;


Plant materials for planting or exhibition;


Hiring of videos, furniture and equipment or processing films and slides;


Transport / travelling expenses for conveyance of material and equipment;


Preparation of opening ceremony (e.g. ceremonial stage, lighting and public address facilities) at cost not exceeding 10% of the total subsidy;


Postage, stationery, minor equipment and sundries at cost not exceeding 10% of the total subsidy;


Printing of publicity materials;


Souvenirs and prizes at cost not exceeding 10% of the total expenditure of the activity; and


Premium for public liability insurance to cover the activity.


The applicant shall prove to the satisfaction of LCSD that it has spent the Subsidy with due care for the carrying out of its obligations under the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme. Any delay, change of timing, change of scope, cancellation or other circumstances must be explained by the Applicant to LCSD in writing and will only be accepted by the Government if they are in the opinion of the Government due to factors beyond the control of the applicant.


The applicant shall conduct in a proper and lawful manner in all its business and activities, including but not limited to the approved activities. In the event of any irregularities, the applicant should forward a full investigation report to LCSD within SEVEN (7) DAYS after the occurrence of the irregularities.

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