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  Procurement Practices

The applicant shall conduct procurement of all goods and services in a competitive and equitable way by allowing equal access to information and affording same treatment to all supplies, whether by means of quotation exercise or bidding either through open invitation to interested suppliers, restricted tendering to selected few on pre-approved lists of competent suppliers, or on single restricted basis due to urgency grounds and security consideration. All procurements should meet the objective of value-for-money and be made through a process which is seen objective, transparent and accountable to rid all potential loopholes as may be susceptible to malpractices and corruption.


The applicant shall promulgate consistent and transparent procurement procedures in the form of an elaborate Procurement Guidelines giving detailed instructions on procurement methods, authorization levels, independent check and balance system through segregation of staff functions, open selection criteria and objective tender evaluation mechanism, and regular review of the approved list of competent suppliers based on elaborate admission and deletion criteria.


The applicant shall ensure proper documentation of quotation / tender assessment and due approval by authorizing officers designated by the management body or governing council before proceeding procurement. The applicant shall ensure granting prior written approval and keeping proper documentary records on all events of departure from the procurement guidelines or waiver of quotation/tender exercise for direct purchase when such departure or waiver is considered objectively justified and operationally necessary.


The applicant shall keep full documentary record on all acquisitions (whether by quotation and tender), including pricing information, reasons of recommendation and official approval for not less than THREE (3) YEARS, to facilitate annual account auditing and audit inspection. The applicant shall allow the Government, the Audit Commission, LCSD or their representatives to have unhindered access to the records as and when necessary.

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