General House Operating Requirements

1 From 1 January 2007, smoking is prohibited in all parts of LCSD performing arts venues, unless as an integral part of the performance exempted under the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance (Cap. 371).

Application download here:
Smoking Exemption Application
2 Drinking of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in the auditorium, stage or backstage areas.
3 Any on-site donation activities of charitable nature in the hired facilities require a Public Subscription Permit from the Social Welfare Department or of non-charitable nature, from the Home Affairs Department (tel: 2835 1492) before the production commences. Application download here:



4 Any lottery activities in the hired facilities require a Lottery Licence from the Office of the Licensing Authority under the Home Affairs Department before the production commences.

Applicationdownload here:
5 Any film or video showing in the foyer or auditorium areas must have been submitted to the Television & Entertainment License Authority, and any necessary license obtained and exhibited, before the production commences.

Film Censorship Guidelines for Censors:

Application download here:
6 Any organization intending to allow children under the age of 15 to appear on stage in a performance is required to notify the Labour Department 14 days before the commencement of the performance using a standard notification form (CEF-6).

Notification download here:
7 Attendants or Chaperones shall be deployed by the organizer when the performance(s) include children on stage. A minimum of one attendant/chaperone per 50 children is required.
8 Any organization arranging performances involving overseas artists, musicians, technicians or any workers is required to apply for work visas from the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

Applications from overseas countries other than Mainland China; HKID form download here:
9 Any music and/or songs not registered under CASH to be played or sung in performance(s) require a copyright permit from its composer and author. Any music and/or songs register under CASH is required to submit application form to CASH.

Application download here:
10 Standard house rule recordings must generally be played by the venue prior to the performance start. Exception can be made when the house rule is printed in the house programme, or the house rule is to be announced by the hirer by means of narrator, MC, V/O or manner otherwise agreed in advance by the venue management.

Technical Operating Requirements

11 All scenery, props and equipment brought in to any performing arts venue must meet all applicable regulations

See Practise Note:
Use of Scenery Hanging Hardware
12 The Safety Curtain must be lowered every day when all performances/activities are finished. Scenery shall not be placed under the Safety Curtain. Any obstructing scenery, prop or equipment must be loose or transient. The Safety Curtain is not for use a a performannce drop, but may on occassions be used in an interval to cover noisy technical work.

See Practise Note:
Use of Safety Curtain
13  In general, all scenery shall be fireproof, but scenery constructed with paper must have a flameproof treatment.
14  Inflammable spray painting is not permitted in any part of any performing arts venue.
15  No nails larger than 10d (Φ3.5mm, & 80mm(L)) or screws larger than No. 8 (Φ4mm & 26mm(L)) are permitted to be fixed into the hardboard stage surface. No staples, headless nails or nails driven by pneumatic hammer are permitted. All nails and screws are to be removed by the hirer after the production. Fixings of any kind are not permitted into the concert platform of the City Hall Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall, Sha Tin Town Hall, Tsuen Wan Town Hall and Tuen Mun Town Hall.

See Practise Note:
Fixing into Stage Surface
16  Any temporary structure built in LCSD performing arts venues shall allow an unobstructed gangway not less than 1.2-1.5m as a path towards any exit door. All temporary stairs, ramps, platforms, landings, balconies, and galleries built in the auditorium as part of the performance design, exceeding 0.38m in height and accessible to the public should be provided with an appropriate barrier handrail.
17  Any independent moving scenic structure shall have a safe base to height ratio of 1:3, or other mitigating design and construction factors rendering it stable; otherwise a surveyor’s report on stability will be required.
18  No house equipment or furniture such as chairs, tables, pianos, choir risers, etc., is permitted to be used as props or set pieces on stage.
19  Any brought-in electrical installation/equipment shall be mechanically and electrically safe and suitable for its intended use in stage performance. Plugged installations/equipment to a socket outlet are considered non-fixed installations. Wiring work on MCB boards down-stream of any plug and socket connection shall only be carried out by a Registered Electrical Worker. Electrical connection work to the venue fixed installation shall only be undertaken by a Registered Electrical Worker and/or contractor (company) and will require a work completion certificate (WR1).

Application form downloaded here:
20   Only competent personnel will be permitted to operate sound board, light board, followspots, rigging equipment, projection equipment, etc. Where permitted, such person(s) shall undertake all the responsibility for the safe use and continued good condition of the equipment under their operation.

A competent person means a person who: a) is qualified because of knowledge, training and experience to organize the work and its performance, b) is familiar with the regulations that apply to the work, and c) has knowledge of any potential or actual danger to health or safety in the workplace.
21 Any use of lit candle shall be kept 1.00m away from costumes, curtains, draperies and other scenery, and requires application and permission in advance from the venue management. The venue manager reserves all rights to request the hirer to perform any flameproof treatment and provide a relevant certificate whenever reasonably necessary.

Application download here:
Lit Candle(s) Application

See Practise Note:
Use of Real Flame on Stage with Safety Curtain
22 Any use of lit torch shall be kept 1.00m away from costumes, curtains, draperies and other scenery and requires application and permission in advance from the venue management. The venue manager reserves all rights to request the hirer to perform any flameproof treatment and provide a relevant certificate whenever reasonably necessary.

Application download here:
Lit Torch(es) Application

See Practise Note:
Use of Real Flame on Stage with Safety Curtain
23  Subject to appropriate grid, harness, and hardware condition, any human flying mechanism requires a surveyor’s report every time the mechanism is rigged in any LCSD performing arts venues.
24  All brought-in laser product(s) shall carry appropriate label(s) to international/national standards. Different styles and requirements of labels may apply for different standards.

See Laser Safety Publication:

Application for Use of Laser:
25  The hirer is responsible to remove from the stage within the hired booking session all props and/or scenery after the last rehearsal or performance.

Other Licensing Requirements

26 Pyrotechnics shall only be stored in a suitable location agreeable to the Venue Manager and subsequently licensed for such use. Only licensed technicians are allowed to prepare and discharge such effects, and such effects shall remain as demonstrated and licensed for every performance.

Venue Notification form download here:

Permission for using “special effects materials” on stage must be sought from the "CREATEHK" Licensing Authority allowing 3 months for the application to be processed. (Please refer to Code of Practice on the Use, Storage & Conveyance of Special Effects Materials).

Application form download here:

Application form for a Discharge Permit (Stream A/B) download here:
27 All animal(s)/bird(s) brought into the venue must be housed in a suitable location agreeable to the Venue Manager and subsequently licensed according to all AFCD regulations. Permission for exhibition of any animal(s), bird(s) or fish(es) shall be sought from the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department according to the Public Health (Animal & Birds)(Exhibition) Regulations, Cap.139 allowing 2-3 weeks for the application to be processed.

Venue Notifcation form download here:
Animial(s)/Bird(s) Exhitbition

AFCD application form download here:
28 All modified Firearms and/or blank Ammunition on stage must have the EXEMPTION PERMIT sought from Poice Licensing Office for every performance. Notification to the Venue Manager is required.

Venue Notification form download here:
Intention to Use of Modified Firearms and/or Blank Ammunition

Application form download here: