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Enrolment methods for programmes especially designed for persons with disabilities, please refer to the remarks.

Enrolment methods that applicable only to programmes especially designed for persons with disabilities
Persons with disabilities (PWDs) may enrol in programmes especially designed for them at the organising District Leisure Services Office or any other district offices . Each participant may be accompanied by ONE carer. Enrolment charge is free. The arrangements for accompanying carers are as follows:
Training schemes: Accompanying carers may attend class with the enrolled PWDs on the training day. Accompanying Carer’s Cards will be distributed by the instructor at the beginning of each class as identification.
Other activities:Accompanying carers are required to enrol in play-in activities with PWDs to facilitate coach and camp place arrangements. Permits, which must be presented when attending activities, will be issued to accompanying carers upon successful enrolment.

N/A: Not applicable
* means leaflets of the programmes concerned are available at the District Offices organizing the activity.
# Sequence is sorted according to the alphabetical order.
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The information given above is extracted from the Leisure Link System of the LCSD. The data on “places left” is not real-time information, but is updated automatically three times a day at 4:00 am, 9:30 am and 3:00 pm. If you wish to check the latest enrolment information of a particular activity, please call the Leisure Link enquiry hotline on 2679 6822 or the District Leisure Services Office organising the activity.
We will, on the 15th of each month, upload to this page information on leisure activities to be held one and a half months later (e.g. information on activities in July will be made available on 15 May).

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