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"The Hong Kong Musicians Series: 'Jiege' and Tung Wah-keung" exhibition opens at HK Central Library

     How can one go about creating a musical instrument with Chinese bamboo? When the Chinese contemporary musician Tung Wah-keung created a new vocal style, "Jiege", he invented a new musical instrument to be used during the vocal performance. The instrument, called "Bamboo Drums", is made with Chinese bamboo and a performer can use it while singing unique "Tone of Water and Cloud" arias, which are written using a specific notation system called "floral scores".

     The Hong Kong Public Libraries of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department will host an exhibition, "The Hong Kong Musicians Series: 'Jiege' and Tung Wah-keung", from now until October 31 at the Arts Resource Centre on 10/F of the Hong Kong Central Library for the public to better understand the work of this talented musician.

     In addition to displaying information on Tung's background, the exhibition will show a set of three "Bamboo Drums" in different sizes made by Tung and sculptor Ha Bik-chuen, as well as the diagrams of the invented "floral scores" notation system and manuscripts of "Jiege". Other highlight exhibits include house programmes and photos taken when Tung performed "Jiege" in Hong Kong, the US and other places. Seal cuttings and calligraphy by Tung will also be displayed.

     Tung Wah-keung devoted himself to art creation and produced a rich variety of art works including poetry, couplets, calligraphy, paintings and seal cuttings. Tung created "Jiege" in 1977 and started his performing life then. He performed "Jiege" in concert with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and at the opening ceremony of the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Tung also held various seminars on "Jiege" in several universities and was interviewed on the vocal style by local and overseas media. In addition, he participated actively in cultural exchange activities in Taiwan, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xian and Wuhan to introduce "Jiege".

     In 1998, Tung received the Certificate of Honour from the Famous Works Exhibition of the Arts Circles in China. In 2002, the musical instruments "Bamboo Drums", "Kujie" and "Jieban" of "Jiege" were listed in the "Chinese Musical Instruments Great Dictionary". Tung died in 2011 and the China Music Institute (H.K.) established by him is now preparing a commemorative publication in memory of his achievements and contributions.

     Admission to the exhibition is free. For enquiries, please call 2921 0259.

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