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2012 July

Date Title
2012.07.31 LCSD's response to lifeguard union's call for strike
Temporary closure of some LCSD leisure facilities
Red flag hoisted (2)
Red flag hoisted
2012.07.30 Old and Valuable Tree in Tung Chung removed for public safety
Limited sessions for free use of LCSD leisure facilities on Sport For All Day still available
2012.07.29 An Old and Valuable Tree in Kowloon Park removed for public safety
Hammer Hill Road Swimming Pool reopened
Temporary closure of Hammer Hill Road swimming pool
2012.07.28 Red flag at Silverstrand Beach lowered
Red flag at Stanley Main Beach lowered
2012.07.27 DLCS: Department responds actively to lifeguards' requests
Advance tickets for Qin terracotta figures exhibition available at URBTIX
Exhibition displays wartime Japanese propaganda publications
Red flag at Silver Mine Bay Beach lowered
Beaches in Southern District and Islands District reopened
Red flags hoisted at Stanley Main Beach and Silverstrand Beach
Theatre Space to perform "The Hollow" in September
Beaches in Sai Kung District reopened
Red flag hoisted
2012.07.26 Red flag hoisted at Silver Mine Bay Beach
Red flags hoisted
2012.07.25 Deteriorated Old and Valuable Tree in Happy Valley removed for public safety
Cheung Chau Tung Wan Beach reopened
UK's Rambert Dance Company to stage Hong Kong debut in September
Thirty young astronauts leave for Beijing on Friday for seven days' training
Lifesaving services at Kiu Tsui and Trio beaches resume
Beach in Sai Kung District temporarily closed
HK Film Archive shows Cantonese opera classics to celebrate opening of Yau Ma Tei Theatre
Beaches in Southern District and Islands District temporarily closed
Red flag hoisted
2012.07.24 Qin terracotta figures unveiled today at Hong Kong Museum of History
LCSD district free programme cancelled
Clear Water Bay First Beach and Clear Water Bay Second Beach temporarily closed
Booking for free use of leisure facilities during Sport For All Day to begin this Sunday
Silverstrand Beach temporarily closed
Red flags hoisted (3)
Red flags hoisted (2)
Sheung Shui Swimming Pool temporarily closed
Red flags hoisted
The Ping Shan Tang Clan Gallery cum Heritage Trail Visitors Centre closed
Workshops of Summer Musical GoGoGo by Theatre Noir cancelled
Hong Kong Science Museum's "Summer Music Workshops" cancelled
2012.07.23 Cancellation of "Alan Tam x Teresa Carpio Live in Concert 2012"
LCSD's event postponed
"Hong Kong Basketball League 2012" postponed
LCSD‘s events cancelled
Picasso exhibition attracts 295,000 visitors in two months
Red flags hoisted (3)
Red flags hoisted (2)
Music training schemes for beginners invite applications
Red flags hoisted
Lifesaving services suspended at Hap Mun Bay, Kiu Tsui and Trio beaches
2012.07.22 LCSD district free programmes cancelled (2)
LCSD district free programmes cancelled
URBTIX ticket collection service at Parsons Music to cease tomorrow
2012.07.21 Summer Reading Month opens with fun children's exhibition "Joyful Reading . Library"
2012.07.20 "Spiders in Meditation" to be shown again
2012.07.19 Large 3D painting featuring Qin terracotta army pit offers stunning visual experience
Over 400 young campers to showcase musical achievements
2012.07.18 Red flag hoisted
2012.07.17 Grand opening of Yau Ma Tei Theatre promotes further development of Cantonese opera
Red flags hoisted
2012.07.16 "Superb Meaningless Invention Exhibition" aims to inspire visitors' creativity
Gan opera performances to draw on art form's 500 years of history
Red flags hoisted
2012.07.14 "Sensing Horizons: Five Excursions into Intimate Immensity" injects energy of art into Tai Po Waterfront Park
2012.07.13 Heritage Museum's latest exhibition tells story of society through portrait photography
New Territories West community carnival "Go Dream! Youth Gala" to be held in Yuen Long tomorrow
Red flags hoisted
2012.07.12 Multimedia programmes of Qin exhibition bring brand new experience to visitors
Sport For All Day 2012 to feature activities on Olympic sports
New programs of Outreach Music Interest Courses open for application
Four Gig Heads Percussion Group to perform "Percussion Symphony" in August
Red flags hoisted
2012.07.11 School Sports Programme Coordinator Pilot Scheme launched
"King's Harmonica Quintet - 25 Years in Retrospect" exhibition opens at HK Central Library
China Philharmonic Orchestra and renowned vocalists to perform in "The Yellow River Cantata Concert"
Red flags hoisted
2012.07.09 Tianjin Song Art Troupe to showcase classic narrative singing of northern China
Renowned Peking opera virtuosi come together to showcase classics
Red flag hoisted
2012.07.08 First phase of advance tickets for China's First Emperor exhibition to go on sale tomorrow
2012.07.07 Public reminded to take heed of water safety advice
Kim Sang Fai Cantonese Opera Troupe to present Lam Kar-sing's classics
Admission tickets for Picasso exhibition all sold out
2012.07.06 International Arts Carnival opens with performance by Estonian National Ballet
Hung Ka Po Cantonese Opera Troupe to perform Poon Yat-on's classics in August
2012 School Sports Programme Prize Presentation Ceremony held today
Red flags hoisted
Water sports centres in Southern District reopened
2012.07.05 HK Film Archive's "100 Must-See Hong Kong Movies" to screen classics by five directors
Cantonese opera demonstration and finale performance in August
Enjoy "Fantasia of Tales Adventure" at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza this weekend
Beijing Green Bamboo Orchestra creates refreshing musical experience with bamboo instruments
Cantonese opera virtuoso Yuen Siu-fai set for breakthrough in new Cantonese opera "Justice Bao"
Temporary closure of skateboard ground at Tin Shui Wai Park
Red flags hoisted
2012.07.04 Tai Wan Shan Swimming Pool reopened
Temporary closure of Tai Wan Shan Swimming Pool
Public swimming pool monthly ticket to launch tomorrow
2012.07.03 Sport For All Day to promote half an hour of physical activity every day
HK Youth Strings to visit Vienna and Prague for cultural and musical exchange
2012.07.02 Beaches in Islands District and Southern District reopened
2012.07.01 Hoisting of red flags and shark flags at beaches
Public reminded to keep venues clean during fireworks display to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR