International Youth Music Exchange

To foster international cultural exchange and to widen the horizon of local young musicians, the Music Office organizes music exchange concerts and community performances for visiting youth music groups from around the world and sends its advanced level orchestras, bands, or choirs on concert tour each year.

Since 1978, young musicians trained by the Music Office have toured Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, England and Israel and cities in Mainland China. Recent years' touring performances have been given by the Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra (Shanghai, 2010), Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra (Taiwan, 2011), Hong Kong Youth Strings (Austria & Czech, 2012), Music Office Youth Choir Chamber Ensemble (Kagoshima, 2012), Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Band (Jeju, 2013), Music Office Wind Ensemble (Qingdao, 2014) and Music Office Youth Choir (Austria, 2014).

Most recently, the following youth music groups had visited Hong Kong and participated in the cultural exchange programmes organized by the Music Office:

Birmingham Symphonic Winds (UK)
Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra (USA)
Greenridge Secondary School Band (Singapore)
Kagoshima Prunus Female Choir (Japan)
Kagoshima Shoyo High School Symphonic Band (Japan)
National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain
Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra (USA)
Troubadours, Fountain Valley High School (USA)
Vermont Youth Orchestra (USA)
Wright State University Chamber Orchestra (USA)
Yusof Ishak Secondary School Choir (Singapore)