"Care and Concern" Concerts

What are “Care and Concern” Concerts?

“Care and Concern”Concerts are yearly tour performances presented by a small band at various community service units, hospitals, and special schools. The concerts aim at bringing music to every corner of the community and particularly to the social groups that need our care and concern.

Is there any charge for these concerts?

The “Care and Concern”Concerts are presented free of charge since the music programmes are targeted at social groups in need of care and concern.

Is it possible to hold such a concert in a community service unit without any proper stage facilities?

Yes. The “Care and Concern”Concerts are presented by a small band of four to five musicians in an informal and causal way in a bid to maintain close contact with the audience. The person-in-charge of the community service unit concerned has the discretion to determine the size of the audience and to choose a suitable indoor venue for holding the concert.

How can the public make arrangement with the Music Office for holding the “Care and Concern”Concerts?

Prior arrangement has to be made in the capacity of an organisation by calling us at 2596 0898. We will arrange a Chinese or western music band to give performance at the organisation.