Summer Music Workshops - First Music Lessons (July - August 2014)

Deadline for application: 6 June 2014

Wanna get your kids some music training in summer?

Join the ‘First Music Lessons’
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Programme Brief: 5 workshops will be organized to give students some basic music knowledge such as introducing musical notes, letter names and rhythms; and provide students an opportunity to explore various Western and Chinese orchestral instruments.
Participants: Suitable for students aged 4-6 who have not received any music training. Each child has to be accompanied by an adult.
Fee: $200 (5 lessons)
Language: Cantonese
Reward: Students who have attended ALL 5 lessons will be issued a Certificate of Attendance for encouragement and will be invited to attend one musical instrument demonstration session.
Enquiry: 2158 6466 / 2582 5321
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