Music Office Youth Choir wins gold awards in Vienna Choir Festival

The Music Office Youth Choir (MOYC) was awarded a Gold Diploma and presented with the Category Winner Award in the Mixed Youth Choir Competition in the Sing’n’joy Vienna 2014 - 29th International Franz Schubert Choir Competition and Festival held in Vienna from June 5 to 9.  The Choir was also awarded another Gold Diploma in the Sacred Choral Music Competition.

As part of the Music Office’s International Youth Music Exchange Programme, the 60-member Youth Choir, led by conductor and Senior Music Officer (Musicianship & Training Support) Dr. Angelina Au, went on a tour to Vienna to participate in various activities of Sing’n’joy Vienna 2014, among which was the reputable Schubert Choir Competition which was first held in 1984. 

MOYC’s programme selections ranged from traditional choral classics including Schubert’s “Psalm 23”, Victoria’s “Ave Maria”, Parry’s “My Soul, There is a Country” to Russian sacred choral music, South African Zulu folksong, New Zealand’s Maori lullaby as well as Chinese folksong “Herdsmen’s Song”.

The Sing’n’joy Vienna 2014, which included a large-scale choral competition divided into eight categories and friendship concerts, had drawn the participation of 18 choirs from 14 nations, including Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Italy and Philippines.  Besides singing for the Festival, MOYC also visited the world famous training school of the Vienna Boys’ Choir and the Vienna State Opera House.

Our heartfelt congratulations to MOYC! Bravo!

Competition at Schubert Hall of Vienna Concert House

Grand Finale Competition at Great Hall of the Vienna Concert House

Panel of Jury

Performance at Opening Concert in Vienna City Hall

Joint Performance with Irish Choir at Friendship Concert in Vienna Concert House

Young audiences listen to the choir rehearsal at Amadeus International School

Visit to Training School of Vienna Boys’ Choir

Visit to Vienna State Opera House

Visit to Vienna City Hall