LCSD Leisure Link

LCSD Leisure Link is a computerised booking network for you to organize your leisure activities (Enquiry : 2314 7702) Leisure Link Internet Booking
LCSD Leisure Link provides 10-day advance bookings for :

Sport facilities in indoor venues Tennis courts
Bowling greens Golf facilities
Natural turf and artificial turf soccer / rugby / hockey pitches Baseball pitches / Batting cage

Operating hours for majority of booking counters at leisure venue are between 7:00am and 10:00pm daily except Chinese New Year Holidays.

Hiring charges of the facilities: in the Urban Area / in the New Territories.

Facilities and booking counter information is available at Searching Page.

Some venues without booking counter process booking of immediate session and payment for telephone reserved session for immediate use with payment by Octopus card. No cross venue and advanced booking will be provided at these venues.