Circular Reflection @ Salisbury Garden

Circular Reflection

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Participatory Installation

The three groups of ‘circular’ installation set off to minutely examine oneself, observe the surroundings, and take in the illusionary imageries, discovering different levels of ‘observation’ as well as imaginations and experiences it may induce.

Installation I:  The Grand Spectacle │ Participatory installation
Installation II:  The Dual Perspective │ Virtual Reality installation (*Online reservation required. Please visit here for more details.)
Installation III:  The Abstract Cosmos │ Fogscape


Experiential Performance

The lawn can be seen as a stage; everyone can be seen as a performer with our vision open.
In the same space, it can also be incarnated as a ‘library’, only experience can be borrowed here, not books.
It is not only a performance but also an experience.
The performer immerses in the crowd, intimately leading the audience to enter the sensational awareness between performance and experience.
The design of the experiential performance widens the sense of audience, letting them experience the sound, environment, and people, so as to open up the space for vision and imagination, and aware once again the different sensing abilities. Besides visuals, we can also experience the surroundings through hearing and touch, and finally reflect on oneself.
The performer and audience co-create the experiential performances on the two weekends of December 2017.

Performance I:  Frozen Moment
Performance II:  We Knew Nothing of Each Other
Performance III:  Library of Experience
Performance IV:  The Abstract Cosmos (Sound & Vision)

** Note:  Around 20 minutes within the hour.  The presenter reserves the right to change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.


Docent Tour

The docent tours will introduce more about the features of the Salisbury Garden and art installations of the Circular Reflection.  Details are as follows:

Dates:  9, 10, 16 & 17 December 2017 (Sat & Sun)
Sessions:  2pm, 3pm, 4:30pm & 5:30pm (Each session lasts for around 30 min.)
Gathering Place:  Central Lawn

Places are limited on a first-come-first-served basis.  Please make your reservation at 2734 2009.


Creative Partner and Technical Management on Installation:
yU+co. [lab}
Performance in Collaboration with:
      Cally Yu / Dominic Wong / Edmund Leung

Curated by:
Presented by:
      Leisure and Cultural Services Department


Programme Details:

Programme Enquiries:
2734 2009


Salisbury Garden

Salisbury Garden

Located in the heart of the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, Salisbury Garden occupies a unique position as the starting point of Nathan Road and is set among the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Art Square and Hong Kong Space Museum. Designed by the world–renowned urban designer and landscape architect James Corner in collaboration with a team of international and local designers, Salisbury Garden is now transformed into a place where culture, landscape, and art converge. Actively programmed, thoughtfully designed, and richly detailed, this tropical garden landscape provides places for people to sit, pathways to stroll, spaces for social gathering and relaxation, and a large open lawn for daily lounging as well as occasional celebrations.

As the largest central aggregation of public space along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, Salisbury Garden is fundamental to realizing a dramatic transformation of the waterfront. New tree plantings will offer shade while lush ground-level and “garden wall” plantings will engage and delight visitors. The design includes a large open lawn and flexible activity space, numerous places for social gathering and a water feature. As one of the largest, most visible, and most accessible parts of the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, Salisbury Garden can serve as a new kind of public space where people congregate at different times of day and throughout the year not only to take in spectacular views and enjoy the lush garden environment, but also to partake in a rich diversity of activities and variety of year-round programmes.

Anchored by a large elliptical lawn, social gathering places under tree bosque, and broad waterfront seating steps, the landscape design responds to its unique setting and diverse programme of use. Shaped by extensive input from various stakeholders, the design is highly responsive to the site’s complex constraints while striving toward a new standard of excellence in public realm design. Salisbury Garden becomes a unique urban garden that celebrates landscape, embraces culture, and frames views while accommodating art and performance, improving connections, enhancing access, and increasing amenities.

Central Bosque
Seamlessly connected with the elliptical lawn, the Central Bosque provides an intimate social gathering place while offering cooling shade under a bosque of trees.

Central Lawn
Simple, clear, and highly legible, the central lawn provides a large open space for lounging, sunbathing and casual play. Gently sloping toward the waterfront, the lawn’s palm grove offers shade while its open expanse offers an unusual waterfront amenity for Hong Kong.

Loop Path
Deceptively simple in plan, the loop path offers first-time and regular visitors diverse spatial experiences as a clear walkway seamlessly connecting Salisbury Gardens attractions.

Event Roof/Platform
Set at the water’s edge, this elliptical trellis casts shade on a wood deck that can be used for special events or by visitors seeking a place to sit, take in the view, and enjoy refreshments.

Waterfront Seating Steps
Broad bleacher seating facing waterfront offers generous opportunities for taking a break, small group gatherings, or viewing special performances.

Garden Wall
Sculpturally iconic and lushly planted Garden Wall accommodates all different types of houses in Salisbury Garden. Inspired by orchid flower, elegantly shaped precast concrete modules are assembled to create interesting pattern of architectural façade and to provide a setting for exotic plant materials.