Exhibition Gallery Programmes



(Calligraphy Exhibition)

(Calligraphy Exhibition) Date and Time: 2/5/2018
2pm - 6pm
10am - 6pm
10am - 6pm
Presenter: Yau Ma Tei and Tsim Sha Tsui Culture and Arts Association
Enquiries: 2723 7279


(Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition)

Date and Time: 5/5/2018
2pm - 7pm
6 - 7/5/2018
10am - 7pm
10am - 6pm
Presenter: Zi Yung Chinese Art Association
Enquiries: 9258 5536


“One Heart in Belt and Road: The Gallery for Renowned Painters in China and Hong Kong”

Date and Time: 9/5/2018
5pm - 8pm
9am - 8pm
9am - 3pm
Presenter: The Association of TBR Cultural Authentication
Introduction: To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China, the Association of TBR Cultural Authentication and CBG International co-organised “One Heart in Bellt and Road: The Gallery for Renowned Painters in China and Hong Kong”, inviting global and cross-strait influential painters as well as young talents in this field for exhibiting their unique works.
Enquiries: 9340 9403


“La Salle Primary School Diamond Jubilee Visual Arts Exhibition”

“La Salle Primary School Diamond Jubilee Visual Arts Exhibition” Date and Time: 13/5/2018
5pm - 7pm
14 - 17/5/2018
10am - 7pm
10am - 2pm
Presenter: La Salle Primary School
Introduction: This school year marks the sixtieth anniversary of the establishment of La Salle Primary School. In order to tie in with the theme of the Diamond Jubilee Sparkling, Onwards and Upwards, a series of activities will be held. One of such event will be the Diamond Jubilee Visual Arts Exhibition. Over 1,000 students’ artworks will be displayed, including paintings, ceramics, sculptures and photography.
Enquiries: 2336 2609


“Advanced Diploma Programme in Fine Arts (Cycle 17) Graduation Exhibition, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong”

Advanced Diploma Programme in Fine Arts (Cycle 17) Graduation Exhibition, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong” Date and Time: 19/5/2018
3pm - 8pm
20 - 22/5/2018
9am - 8pm
9am - 5pm
Presenter: School of Continuing and Professional Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Introduction: A shared passion for art has brought together individuals of different ages and from various backgrounds to embark on a three-year journey to explore the startling variety and possibilities of art. Through learning about art and putting it into practice, these graduates have created their unique art pieces with different medium. This exhibition marks the end of their course and a new beginning of their lifelong artistic journey!
Enquiries: 2209 0444


“V – Visual Art Exhibition by Leo CHOW, Henry LEE, May LOO, Cordelia TAM, KM WONG”

Date and Time: 25 - 28/5/2018
9am - 8pm
9am - 3pm
Presenter: KM Wong
Introduction: "V" is a visual art exhibition of five artists beginning from their own personal experience and perspective, having different trajectories meet in the same space. Each creative idea is unique:  The present expresses a concern for the future.  The self is discovered through looking back to the past.  Inspiration arises from a self-reflective exercise.  Inner senses are projected outward.  Time flows in space to reflect on nature.  These ideas juxtaposes with each other in the same time and space. To audiences who also have their own trajectories, we sincerely invite you to engage with the works and reflect on their interaction with your mind and thoughts.
Enquiries: 9190 7186


“Anfield Art Exhibition – Through Their Eyes”

Date and Time: 30/5/2018
1pm - 6pm
9am - 5pm
Presenter: Anfield International Kindergarten
Introduction: At Anfield children have the opportunity to wallow in the sheer joy of creativity and through art, each child’s developing imagination, creativity and satisfaction of mastery is nurtured. The process of art experience affords Anfield children the opportunity to explore and manipulate materials, to think, to express themselves and to create. Teachers teach techniques, so that children’s repertoire of artistic method expands, and also process art, where the process of creating a truly original piece of artwork matters every bit as much as the product. This Art Exhibition showcases the child’s vision of the world through their own eyes and is aesthetically something to behold!
Enquiries: 2794 3668




(Visual Art Exhibition)

(Visual Art Exhibition) Date and Time: 1/6/2018
2pm - 5pm
9:30am -12nn, 2pm - 4:30pm
Presenter: Yan Oi Tong Mrs. Augusta Cheung Kindergarten cum Nursery; Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Kindergarten cum Nursery
Enquiries: 2465 5719


“Deep in Art, Deep in Heart” (Painting Exhibition)

Date and Time: 3/6/2018
12nn - 8pm
9am - 8pm
9am - 7pm
Presenter: BM Workshop
Enquiries: 6273 3711


“The 1st Painting Exhibition by Koon Nam Art Association”

“The 1st Painting Exhibition by Koon Nam Art Association” Date and Time: 8/6/2018
2pm - 7pm
10am - 7pm
10am - 5pm
Presenter: Koon Nam Art Association
Introduction: We are a non-profit organization. Our objective is to promote Chinese cultural traditions. The exhibits showing this time are created in numerous themes and styles, such as floral, birds, landscape and portrait. We pursue our pieces to be creative and widely appreciated. They contain the ethnic cultural specialty but not old fashioned. They are contemporary but not strange. We look forward to seeing you.
Enquiries: 9085 1915


“Draw Beyond Imagination Art Exhibition 2018”

Date and Time: 22 - 24/6/2018
10am - 8pm
10am - 5pm
Presenter: Intelligent & Creative Station
Introduction: Around 200 junior painters and craftsman are invovled and we also provide relavant workshop for the public. Artworks exhibited would be made into various products for charity sale. All profits over cost will be donated to Orbis for their “Fight Avoidable Blindness Campaign”.
Enquiries: 2711 3006


“Goodwares III – Ceramics Exhibition”

“Goodwares III – Ceramics Exhibition” Date and Time: 27/6/2018
10am - 6pm
10am - 2pm
Presenter: Lung Cheung Government Secondary School
Enquiries: 2323 4202


“The Legend of Our City” (Painting Exhibition)

“The Legend of Our City” (Painting Exhibition) Date and Time: 29/6/2018
3pm - 8pm
9am - 8pm
9am - 6pm
Presenter: Leaps & Bounds
Introduction: 2018 is the 14th anniversary of Leaps and Bounds Art Center and this year, we will also be holding our 5th art exhibition. This year’s theme will be “Legend of Hong Kong City.” The exhibited art will demonstrate the students knowledge of their environment and their thoughts and impressions of their native city and will be revealed in their creations. Furthermore, their paintings will allow the audience to see more vividly and be able to discern the students’ emotions.
Enquiries: 3188 2710


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