Exhibition Gallery Programmes



"Art in the Flying Dream" (Art Exhibition)

 "Art in the Flying Dream" (Art Exhibition) Date: 28/4/2017
Time: 3pm - 8pm
  29/4 - 2/5/2017
  10am - 8pm
  10am - 2pm
Presenter: Fu Hong Society
Introduction: Fu Hong Society has set up Joyful Art Galler in 2015, aiming to further cultivate the artistic potentials of People with Disablities through a series of arts activities and workshops. This exhibition will exhibit more than hundred of masterpieces from these 'extraordinary' artists, including acrylic paintings, 3-D fabric painting, print, tie-dyed dress, weaved cloth, long splash-ink painting, ink-painting and creations of photographs etc.
Enquiries: 2215 6312/ 2215 6301/ 2215 6302


(Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition)

Date: 6/5/2017
Time: 4pm - 7pm
  9am - 7pm
  9am - 6pm
Presenter: 香港嶺東書畫會



“Student Art Exhibition”

 "Student Art Exhibition" Date: 9/5/2017
Time: 2pm - 8pm
  9am - 8pm
  9am - 4pm
Presenter: Po Leung Kuk Camões Tan Siu Lin Primary School
Introduction: The annual student art exhibition displays lots of astounding artworks which are created by our students.  This year, the theme is "We Are One World".  Through students' artworks, you can see how children see our world and how much they know about our world.  Students are using art as a medium to express their ideas and feelings. 
Enquiries: 2367 3318


"Zhoushan Fishermen Paintings Exhibition"

 "Zhoushan Fishermen Paintings Exhibition" Date: 13/5/2017
Time: 10am - 7pm
  10am - 7pm
  10am - 2pm
Presenter: Zhoushan Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department; Zhoushan Municipal Bureau of Culture,Radio,Press and Publication
Introduction: Zhoushan fishermen paintings began in the early 1980 s, From generation to generation, Zhoushan fishermen live with the sea;they paint their legendary marine life with brushes after fishing work.  Zhoushan fishermen paintings originate from the sea and develop in the sea,so that to retain the "original sea smell" and "uniqueness" They mix those seemingly contradictory elements skillfully, reflect reality with bizarre artistic means,and make brilliant exaggeration with delicate work. That’s why Zhoushan fishermen painting would be spoken highly of by experts and audience both home and abroad.
Enquiries: 2723 8019


“Art Show 2017”

 "Art Show 2017" Date: 19/5/2017
Time: 12nn - 8pm
  10am - 7pm
  10am - 7pm
Presenter: Hong Kong Arts & Craft Association
Enquiries: 2380 6870


“Cohesion – First Exhibition of 60’s Art Group”

 “Cohesion – First Exhibition of 60’s Art Group” Date: 24/5/2017
Time: 3pm - 8pm
  25 - 29/5/2017
  10am - 8pm
  10am - 6pm
Presenter: 60's Art Group 
Introduction: Cohesion - first exhibition of 60’s Art Group.
Water-forming cream and then change to the ice, from liquid into a solid, a symbol of "change", such as flowing water, misty frost, hard crystal clear ice.   Cohesion also has a meaning of assembly.
Nine exhibitors each with a different theme material media,will show the charm of painting art!
Enquiries: 2391 3215




“Opening Up a New Terrain Job Fair”

 “Opening Up a New Terrain Job Fair” Date: 1/6/2017
Time: 11am - 5:30pm *
  11am - 5:30pm *
  * Last Admission at 5pm
Presenter: Labour Department
Introduction: Around 40 enterprises take part, offering many Hong Kong and Mainland job vacancies. Some job vacancies are suitable for young people with post-secondary education and fresh graduates. Job seekers can submit job applications and on-the-spot interview may be arranged. In addition, Mainland employment information will be displayed during the job fair. All are welcome! Carry resumes to participate!
Enquiries: 2852 3232


“Art Foto Association of Hong Kong The 7th Member's Works Exhibition”

 “Art Foto Association of Hong Kong The 7th Member's Works Exhibition” Date: 3/6/2017
Time: 12nn - 6:30pm
  12nn - 6pm
Presenter: Art Foto Association of Hong Kong
Introduction: Present more than 180 photographic works from our members, photos size from 20 inch to 40 inch.
Enquiries: 9019 6725


"Let You See My World Photo Exhibition"

Date: 7/6/2017
Time: 2pm - 8pm
  9:30am - 8pm
  9:30am - 5pm
Introduction: This photography project has demonstrated the photographic achievement of the students with Intellectual Disabilities. They express their own feeling and the unique viewpoint to the environment by taking photos. During the process, it helps strengthen positively the communicative manner with other people, and learning to affirm and establishing self-confidence. It also provides opportunities to let us share the world in their eyes!
Enquiries: 2875 3077


"The 47th International Salon of Pictorial Photography 2017"

Date: 10/6/2017
Time: 2pm - 6pm
  10am - 7pm
  10am - 3pm
Presenter: Hong Kong Camera Club
Enquiries: 9120 3534


“The Hong Kong Wahgor Society of Calligraphy — Member Exhibition 2017”

 “The Hong Kong Wahgor Society of Calligraphy — Member Exhibition 2017” Date: 16/6/2017
Time: 12nn - 7pm
  10am - 7pm
  10am - 5pm
Presenter: The Hong Kong Wahgor Society of Calligraphy
Introduction: The Hong Kong Wahgor Society of Calligraphy was founded by master calligrapher Mr. Fung Siu Wah, alias Wah Gor in 2013. Its members include Wah Gor’s students and calligraphy enthusiasts from all walks of life. Its aim is to prepare and promote the traditional culture of  xhinese calligraphy through creative expression. The exhibition will include the latest works of Wah Gor and its members. Members of the public are most welcomed to view the exhibition and offer their comments for the advancement of Chinese calligraphy.
Enquiries: 2875 8132


"David Young and Friends Painting Exhibition"

Date: 23/6/2017
Time: 11am - 8pm
  10am - 8pm
  10am - 7pm
Presenter: David Young
Enquiries: 9188 2271


“Ink and Colour Chinese Traditional Painting Exhibition”

“Ink and Colour Chinese Traditional Painting Exhibition” Date: 26/6/2017
Time: 2pm - 8pm
  27 - 28/6/2017
  10am - 8pm
  10am - 5pm
Presenter: Ma Sau Kuen, Gloria
Introduction: The exhibition will present over 100 art pieces from Master To and his students. The impressionistic landscape ink painting and elaborate-style floral painting bring out the vivid colour of the four seasons.
Enquiries: msart062017@gmail.com


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