Daily exercise keeps us fit

Daily exercise keeps us fit, people of all ages can do it

Exercise and Health

A moderate amount of regular exercise is good for our health, regardless of our age, sex and physical condition.  It is not necessary for exercises to be strenuous as moderate-intensity exercises, which cause mild sweating and slightly higher breathing and heart rates, are enough to bring benefits to our health.

You may choose your favourite exercise depending on your physical condition. The best way is to build exercise into your daily life and make it a habit. An accumulation of at least 30 minutes (in sessions of at least 10 minutes each) of physical activities of moderate- to vigorous-intensity a day can improve your physical fitness and enrich your life.  Doing exercise after work or school can help you relieve stress and sleep better.  Doing exercise with your family or friends on holidays will not only foster your interest in sports but also enhance your communication with them.  Put words into action now and develop a family culture of regular exercise!


Get Started towards a Healthy Lifestyle

You should start with simple exercise, aim low and proceed progressively if you are inactive, so as to prevent muscle soreness and injury and allow your body to recover and adapt.

People with chronic health problems such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes should consult a physician before planning for physical activities.

Get active and enjoy a healthy life!

Specialists’ Exercise Tips

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