Specialists’ Exercise Tips


Photo : WONG Wai-hong Remember to do adequate warm-ups and cool-downs before and after exercise.
WONG Wai-hong
Photo : FU Ka-chun Marco Parent-child activities come in a great variety. Hiking, jogging, cycling, swimming, kite flying and ball games are good examples. Let’s make good use of our leisure time to engage in parent-child activities with our children and do more exercise!
FU Ka-chun Marco
(Billiard Sport )
Photo : NG On-yee Engaging in at least 30 minutes of physical activities of moderate to vigorous intensity a day (not less than 10 minutes per session) can bring significant benefits to health.
NG On-yee
( Billiard Sport)
Photo : CHEUNG King-lok When enjoying outdoor activities, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight in extremely hot weather. Drink more water and replenish the electrolytes lost.
CHEUNG King-lok
Photo : HO Tin-hung Dance for good health at your own pace. Protect your joints and muscles with warm-ups and cool-downs!
HO Tin-hung
Photo : LAI Kim-ching Wear suitable sportswear, socks and shoes for QualiWalk. Put on your socks even if you have got a pair of comfortable shoes.
LAI Kim-ching
Photo : LAM Chau-ha Mobility exercise improves the mobility of your joints, enhances your blood circulation and helps you get prepared for physical activities. It can even help you relieve stress if you maintain the right breathing pattern during exercise.
LAM Chau-ha
Photo : YIP Chi-wai, George Dance happily to nice music as 60 minutes slip away quietly.
YIP Chi-wai, George
Photo : CHEUNG Yi-nei The elderly with poor mobility should do physical activities that improve balance and prevent falls on 3 or more days a week.
Photo : CHU Wing-hong Taking the initiative to exercise more with your family and friends can keep your mind and body fit, while enjoying a great time together with them.
CHU Wing-hong
Photo : FONG Yi-tak To build exercise and physical activities into your daily life, it is easy to stay healthy.
FONG Yi-tak
Photo : HO Ka-lai The number of steps walked per day varies with occupation and life pattern. Generally speaking, it is recommended that 8 000 to10 000 steps should be taken every day for improvement of physical fitness.
HO Ka-lai
Photo : CHAN Ka-man You can start QualiWalk with a 30-minute walk, which may be divided into sessions of at least 10 minutes each. The duration can then be gradually increased according to your physical ability. Practise 3 to 5 times a week and have enough rest after exercise.
CHAN Ka-man
Photo : LEE Ka-wai Don't do vigorous exercise when feeling too tired, so as to prevent muscle or joint injuries.
LEE Ka-wai
Photo : SO Sau-wah It is not necessary for exercise to be strenuous.  Just mild sweating and slightly higher breathing and heart rates are good enough.
SO Sau-wah
Photo : LIU Tsz-ling Adjust exercise intensity according to the prevailing weather conditions and your health conditions. Consider your physical abilities when doing exercise.
LIU Tsz-ling
Photo : TSAI Hiu-wai, Sherry Children should engage in physical activities of moderate to vigorous intensity for an accumulation of at least 60 minutes a day.
TSAI Hiu-wai, Sherry
Photo : LEE Ho-ching Keep breathing smoothly when doing exercise.
LEE Ho-ching
(Table Tennis)
Photo : TSENG Tak-hin Before doing any exercise, please study the safety advice and assess your physical abilities. You may give it a try, but don’t force yourself if it doesn’t suit you.
TSENG Tak-hin
(Tenpin Bowling)
Photo : HAN King-yin Keep records of each exercise, such as the distance walked, the time taken, the level of exertion and energy (calories) consumed. The results can be used for checking progress.
CHAN King-yin
Photo : CHAN Wai-kei Water sports activities bring you joy and fun.
CHAN Wai-kei
Photo : CHENG Chung-hang The elderly should do at least 150 minutes of aerobic physical activities of moderate intensity a week.
CHENG Chung-hang
Photo : CHENG Ka-ho Drink water from time to time during exercise.
Photo : GENG Xiaoling Whatever exercise you choose, proceed gradually and exercise regularly. Adjust the exercise duration and intensity according to your fitness condition and avoid increasing the amount of exercise in a short time.
GENG Xiaoling
Photo:Malina NGAI
We face so many disease-spreading bacteria and viruses nowadays. The only way to protect yourself is to maintain your physical and psychological health. Act now and become an energetic Hong Konger!
Malina NGAI
(Athletic/ Rowing)
Photo:TSE Wing-hung
Doing exercise is not necessarily tiring. Set aside 3 days each week for doing relaxing exercise. Not only can this reduce stress, it can also help you stay in good shape!
TSE Wing-hung
(Beach Volleyball)
Photo:CHEUNG Wai-leung
Not only does exercise improve health, it also reduces body fat and keeps your body in shape. You will be more agile and graceful.
CHEUNG Wai-leung
(Wheelchair Fencing)
Photo:CHAN Wan-ka
Every time I exercise, I feel the joy of "sweating it out". It lets my mind rest and I feel refreshed.
CHAN Wan-ka
(Rope Skipping)
Photo:MAK So-ling, Tania
I suffer from respiratory allergy. Besides building up my physique, exercise and training also develop my sense of responsibility and willpower. It enables me to persevere and fight for my dreams!
MAK So-ling, Tania