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Web Accessibility Conformance Statement
Information Security
What do I need to know about data protection when using LCSD website e-submission service?

LCSD website e-submission service uses SSL protocol to encrypt data during network transmission to protect your personal data. All personal data you provide to the Government via LCSD website e-submission service are secured, and access to them is restricted to authorised personnel only.

I got a warning message saying "Website Certified by an Unknown Authority" or "Secure Connection Failed" when I use LCSD website e-submission service. What should I do?

Warning screen by Firefox 2:

Warning screen by Firefox 2 - 'Website Certified by an Unknown Authority'

Warning screen by Firefox 3:

Warning screen by Firefox 3 - 'Secure Connection Failed'

Note that Firefox 3 was just launched and is not yet officially supported by LCSD website e-submission service.

LCSD website e-submission service makes use of certificates issued by the Hongkong Post. You should configure your browser to recognise certificates issued by the Hongkong Post. Please visit the following page to download and install the Hongkong Post Root CA Certificates as illustrated below:

Screen showing how to install Hongkong Post Root CA Certificate

  1. Click on the link for "Hongkong Post e-Cert CA1" as highlighted above
  2. For Internet Explorer users, click "Open", "Install Certificate" and then click "Next" two times to install the Hongkong Post root certificate
  3. For Firefox users, tick the checkbox "Trust this CA to identify websites" and click "OK"
  4. Click on the link for "Hongkong Post Root CA1" as highlighted above and repeat steps 2 or 3

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