New Territories East (Feb)

  Feb Mar

SHA TIN  Sponsored by Sha Tin District Council Sha Tin District Council

DateTimeLocationPerformanceArts GroupRemarks
1/2 (Sun) 3pm to 4:30pm Open Space outside Sun Chui Centre Folk Concert My Sim Concert  
7/2 (Sat) 3pm to 4:30pm Sha Tin Town Hall Plaza Oriental Dance LA P EN V Innovative Dance Platform  
8/2 (Sun) 3pm to 4:30pm Chung On Estate Football Field (near Chung Tak House) Chinese Folk Songs and Dance Ling Choi Dance Club  
15/2 (Sun) 7:30pm to 9:30pm Kam Tai Court Amphitheatre Variety Show Hong Kong Ngai Hoi Make Amusement Company  

 TAI PO   Sponsored by Tai Po District Council Tai Po District Council

DateTimeLocationPerformanceArts GroupRemarks
7/2 (Sat) 8pm to 9:30pm Wan Tau Tong Estate Open Space Chinese Folk Songs and Dance East Music & Dance Group  
8/2 (Sun) 3pm to 4:30pm Tai Po Central Town Square Pop Concert Far East Amusement & Movies Company  
15/2 (Sun) 3:30pm to 5pm Tai Po Waterfront Park Amphitheatre Oriental Dance LA P EN V Innovative Dance Platform  
26/2 (Thu) 11am to 1:30pm Sap Sze Heung Rural Committee Open Space Cantonese Opera (Excerpts) Hei Shing Sheung Opera Society Jointly presented with Sai Kung North Rural Committee

SAI KUNG  Sponsored by Sai Kung District Council Sai Kung District Council

DateTimeLocationPerformanceArts GroupRemarks
1/2 (Sun) 3pm to 4pm Choi Ming Court Plaza at Phase 2 Children's Theatre Second Culture  
8/2 (Sun) 3pm to 4:30pm Hau Tak Estate Amphitheatre Chinese Instrumental Concert Hong Kong Professional Guzheng Artistic Ensemble  
15/2 (Sun) 8pm to 9:30pm Nam Wai Rural Committee Open Space Magic Show Variety Magic Company  

NORTH DISTRICT  Sponsored by North District Council North District Council

DateTimeLocationPerformanceArts GroupRemarks
6/2 (Fri) 7:30pm to 9:30pm Tin Ping Estate Amphitheatre Cantonese Operatic Songs Ngai Tsun Hin Cantonese Opera Society  
13/2 (Fri) 8pm to 9:30pm North District Park Amphitheatre Jazz Concert Aleatory Jazz Ensemble  
14/2 (Sat) 3pm to 4:30pm Wing Fok Centre Open Space Magic Show Ma Kar Sze Magic & Acrobat Show  
27/2 (Fri) 7:30pm to 9:30pm Wo Muk Road Playground Children's Variety Show Honour Production and Performance Company  

* Programmes are subject to change without prior notice. Enquiries (Office Hours): 2591 1340