Function Highlights

The application provides a quick programme search categorised in genres (Music, Dance, Chinese Opera, Theatre, Multi-Arts, Family Entertainment, Film and Special Exhibition), venues and dates. Users can easily pick their favourite programmes according to personal taste and connect to the URBTIX online or telephone ticketing services. Users can also bookmark their favourite programmes on the calendar of their mobile device where notifications can be set such that they are not going to miss any of them.

How to Use This App

You can have a quick search of our cultural programmes with a few taps of the screen:
Genres If you know what you would like to see, tap this button to search cultural programmes by your favourite genres: Music / Dance / Chinese Opera / Theatre / Multi-Arts / Family Entertainment / Film / Special Exhibition / All Genres.

Venues If you are fond of a specific cultural venue, tap this button to search for the available cultural programmes in our performing venues and museums. 
Tap this button to access the basic information of a particular cultural venue such as address, opening hours, facilities, enquiry telephone and transport accessibility.

Dates If there is a target date for you to fill up with cultural programmes, tap this button to look for the available ones on your date.
Search Programmes
To narrow your programme search, tap this button for a one-click search filtered by keywords, dates, genres and venues.  
My Events
Tap this button to retrieve all your bookmarked programmes.
What's Nearest
This button shows you the nearest cultural venues. On first tapping, your current location will be pinned on a map by the global positioning system and the nearest cultural venues will be marked. Tap on a marked venue to see what’s on in that venue.
The nearby venues are shown in a list mode, with the nearest one on top of the list. Tap on any one of them to view what’s on in that venue.
When should you applaud in a classical music concert? What are “water sleeves” in Chinese opera? If these are the unresolved wonders staying with you for long, some categorised blurbs are in store in our app to interest you. Tap the Trivia button to learn some basic notions of the performing arts and others.  
Bookmark My Events
The bookmarking function assists your event scheduling process by tagging your favourite programmes so that you could revisit them easily on My Events.
If you have decided to attend a programme, tap this button to add and synchronise the event details to the calendar of your device. Notifications could be set to remind you of the event at a designated time so you are not going to miss it.   
If you are user of the popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, your favourite programmes could be easily shared to your friends on your profile. But if you would like to do it more privately, this app also supports an email sharing function.  
Location Check-in
If you would like to share with your friends your location or to meet friends who are nearby, our Check-in button allows you to post location check-ins, personal message and whom you are with directly to the Facebook feed.
Tap this button for a bunch of other functions including settings of language and notifications, and more apps developed or recommended by us.
Tap this button to know more about our latest programme news, the scope of and how to use this app, terms and conditions of using the app as well as the feedback channel for sharing your views with us.