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Environmental Report 2012 Environmental Report 2012
Environment Report 2012
Chapter 1 - Introduction and Controlling Officer's Profile of Key Responsibilities
Chapter 2 - Environmental Goal and Policy
Chapter 3 - Environmental Management, Performance Analysis and Targets/ Milestones
Chapter 4 - Towards a Quality Future
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Environmental Report 2011
Chapter 1 - Introduction and Controlling Officer's Profile of Key Responsibilities

1.1The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), set up under the Home Affairs Bureau, is responsible for the territory-wide provision of recreational, sports and cultural facilities and services.

Vision, Mission and Values

1.2Our vision is to -

  • provide quality leisure and cultural services that are commensurate with Hong Kong’s development as a world-class city and events capital.

1.3Our mission is to -

  • enrich life by providing quality leisure and cultural services for all;
  • promote professionalism and excellence in leisure pursuits and cultural services;

  • promote synergy with sports, cultural and community organisations to enhance the development of arts and sports in Hong Kong;

  • preserve our cultural heritage;

  • beautify the environment through tree planting;

  • achieve a high level of customer satisfaction; and

  • build a highly motivated, committed and service-oriented workforce.

1.4We achieve our mission by embracing the following core values -

  • Customer focus
    We continue to respond to customer needs and pledge to provide services in a courteous and user-friendly manner.

  • Quality
    We pledge to deliver high-quality services in a cost-effective manner.

  • Creativity
    We continue to encourage diversity and to value original ideas.

  • Professionalism
    We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethics while maintaining a high level of performance.

  • Result oriented
    Our focus at all times is to achieve the best results possible.

  • Cost-effective
    We are committed to reaching our goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Continuous improvement
    We seek to continually improve our services and to respond proactively in meeting the changing needs of the community.

Overall View of Our Operation

1.5Organisation Chart of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

1.6The Department organises and promotes a wide range of leisure and cultural activities for people of all ages with a view to enhancing arts appreciation and enriching the quality of life of the community. The major responsibilities of the Department are set out in the paragraphs below.

Recreation and Sports


We develop and manage recreation and sports facilities and organise a wide range of leisure activities in order to promote recreation and sports at all levels throughout the community. As at 31 December 2012, the number of major recreational and sports facilities under our management was íV

Horticulture and Amenities

1.8 We promote appreciation and conservation of nature and greening of Hong Kong through planting of trees, shrubs and other plants in public parks and amenity areas, and through organising a wide range of community greening activities. In 2012, we maintained a total of about 1 192 hectares of amenities area and planted about 2.84 million trees, shrubs and annuals.

Heritage and Museums

1.9 We preserve heritage and provide museum services with a view to promoting appreciation of heritage, arts, science and culture. In 2012, we managed 14 museums, two heritage centres, a film archive and a visual arts centre. We organised a total of 147 in-house/off-site exhibitions and 28 011 in-house/outreach programmes covering the themes of history, art, heritage and science.

Performing Arts

1.10 We promote performing and cinematic arts through the provision of cultural facilities and the presentation of programmes. In 2012, we managed 16 performing arts venues and organised around 5 000 cultural presentations, which included music, dance, Cantonese and western opera, drama, theatre and multimedia performing arts programmes.

Public Libraries

1.11 We provide, manage and develop library services to meet community needs for knowledge, life-long learning, information, research and recreation; offer library extension activities to all ages; and promote reading and literary arts. We operate 77 public libraries and the stock of books as at 31 December 2012 was 11.1 million and that for multimedia materials was 1.7 million.


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